A Member of Apple’s Industrial Designing Team Leaves for GoPro

Daniel Coster, a member of Apple's industrial design team is leaving the company to join action camera maker GoPro as Vice President of Design.

He had a long career with Cupertino's small industrial design team led by Jony Ive and he confirmed the news in an interview with Stuff New Zealand.

However, Apple is well known for maintaining secrecy and thus it is not too clear exactly what products did Coster work on. However, the name has reflected time and again on Apple patents, which dates back to 1999. Coster is credited on iPhone 4 patent and other hardware and software products of the company. For Coster it looks like a nice leap and he will shift to his new position at the end of April.

GoPro is a company that's favorite with adventure sports lovers and other action oriented activities. The company offers a number of impressively compact designs already. GoPro is also likely to reveal its first drone soon. Many feel that Coster might have been hired at a time that will help in designing the device.

Coster said, "I'm honored to join the GoPro team. This extraordinary company is close to the hearts of so many people around the world. Its brand and products inspire us to capture and share our lives' most important moments. I'm excited to shape the future with the incredible team at GoPro."