Apple adds ‘Sharing Selfies’ section to App Store

Apple adds ‘Sharing Selfies’ section to App Store A new section - called 'Sharing Selfies' - has recently been added officially by Apple to its App Store. As a result of the latest addition, the 'Sharing Selfies' section is available on the front page of the App Store, on the desktop as well as iDevice.

The new 'Sharing Selfies' section of the App Store includes hordes of apps which enable users to shares selfies --- that is, self-pictures which the users click by using the camera features of their smartphones.

When the users click on the 'Sharing Selfies' section of the App Store, the numerous 'free' and 'paid' apps which will be displayed are dedicated for expressing users' selves through self-clicked selfies.

As of now, some of the apps available through the App Store 'Sharing Selfies' section - which underscores a smart move by the company - include Frontback, Samba, Snapchat, SnapDash, and Close-up, and 1 Second Everyday.

With the official addition of the 'Sharing Selfies' section to the App Store clearly indicating that Apple drawing on the popularity of the 'selfie' self-portraits, CNET said that the move marks a sort of endorsement from the company; and added: "… the selfie phenomenon appears to have won a certain measure of legitimacy from Apple."