News for Apple Junkies

News for Apple JunkiesThe MacWorld Expo trade show in San Francisco is still a good draw for Apple junkies as they will find the expo with more of Apple and its products.

This news brings you the reasons that are attracting more rush to the Apple products:

  1. iOS Instagram for music: Apple has a free application, with the help of which a musically challenged person can also become a rock star. They record your lyrics, which are then turned into a melodious song by the application that fits it with the perfectly matching melody, scale and cords to make it a musical masterpiece. The app is free but adding extra features would cost for 99 cents each.
  2. The super thin Garmin Nuvi 3597 could become your best navigation tool as it directs the ways with recognizable landmarks, stop signs and traffic lights.
  3. Double from Double Robotics is just like a Segway without any human on top of it. You can control your iPad with a remote, which can fly you anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi via an app.
  4. The Daylight Viewfinder is an application, which helps the iPhoneographers to take the photos in a high-glare or bright conditions too. This free application works with Apple devices. It has retina displays and it easily attaches to the touch screen like a suction cup without scratching the screen.

Some other attractions are the Twig, software Cloak, Boom's Urchin Bluetooth, CrazyTalk7, Moshi's Mythro ear buds, etc.