Comedians Fooling Around With Apple’s iPhone 4S

Comedians Fooling Around With Apple’s iPhone 4SRecently, a street comedian took an advantage of the release of new Apple smartphone by making people fool by saying that the new Apple iPhone 4S is actually iPhone 5. The incident took place on the street of Los Angeles.

The iPhone 5 is due to be out by next Friday. Irrespective of the fact, the people walking down the street totally agreed to the comedian. They really thought the iPhone that they are holding is iPhone 5. It has been informed through the media that new iPhone 5 will be slimmer and will be light weighted.

The looks of iPhone 5 have been unveiled by Apple after much pushing. There are a lot of similarities between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Soon after Apple unveiled the looks of the iPhone 5, the bloggers and the media persons have started to ponder over as to how the new iPhone 5 will feel like when held in hand.

Customers of Apple have been eagerly waiting for the launch of iPhone 5. They are hoping that the new iPhone will be one of the better and the best smartphones created by Apple ever. However, Apple is least worried about the launch as it knows that when people are in love with something they are least interest in changing.