New Booze Prices To Be Set

David-CameronThe suggestion of incorporating a minimum booze price on liquor products in the vicinity has been welcomed with open arms by the Hartlepool booze task force. The suggestion was also supported by the Prime Minister David Cameron. This new rule will help in the 4eradication of cheap alcohol which is sold at supermarkets and shops.

Need for Setting up Registration for Breast Implants

Anorexia Taking Toll over Young Minds

AnorexiaWe all have heard about eating disorder, anorexia, but a few one knows that these days the disease is taking its toll over young minds. It has been reported that a child of three years old was recently given life saving treatment.

'Britain's Fattest Orangutan' Oshine Loses 25kg on Diet

'Britain's Fattest Orangutan' Oshine Loses 25kg on DietIn what would certainly prove the best and the most rewarding thing ever done by a 14-year-old Oshine for herself, the obese orangutan has drastically dropped around 25% of her body weight following a well-planned diet that was extensively swapped of sweets for vegetables and fruits.

Fish Oil Compound Stops Leukemia in Mice

Fish Oil Compound Stops Leukemia in MiceAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that the compound termed as delta-12-protaglandin J3, sometimes also known as D12-PGJ3, attacked and slaughtered the stem cells related to Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML). The trial was conducted on mice.

Rare but Dangerous Mosquito Disease Detected in New South Wales and Victoria

MosquitoThe people in New South Wales and Victoria are being warned to stay very cautious this summer from the mosquitoes and any of the related buzz because the health authorities in the region have recently detected presence of a rare and a deadly mosquito in the environment of both the cities.

Researchers Claim to Have Found New Clues of Memory Loss Causes

MemoryMemory loss is one of the common illnesses that are found in aged or elderly people. Experts are claiming to have found some new clues to common memory loss problem in elders, which they are stating to be the silent strokes that are so tiny to hear or feel when they occur.

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