Too Much of Sugar Intake Can Be Drastically Harmful

Drug Failure Drops Keryx in Losses

KeryxIt has been recently revealed in a report that the drug manufacturing company Keryx Biopharmaceuticals has recently seen a 2 year drop. This has been after the new research by the firm on a drug for colorectal cancer failed. It was in the late stage trials and this is why there has been a further negative impact on the company’s profits.

Women Should Not Diet During Pregnancy

PregnancyA new study proposed that the mother’s behavior can lead to drastic changes in the genetic design of the offspring, which can further lead to problems like obesity and diabetes.

The new study has tried to put light on issues related to diabetes in twins and also explained that the consequences of dieting during pregnancy can lead to higher chances of the child being obese in its later years of life.

Organ Donation Boosts From Living Donors

OrganBizarre news, no need to donate organs till the time you are alive. A recent finding has detailed that a person doesn’t need to donate organ till the time they are alive or until the demand has been put forth by a family member or friend. It has been reported that the rate of living donations has increased drastically, as a result in due course of time, these organs show no activity and remain dull and sluggish.

New Food Festival to Majorly Promote Healthy Eating Habits

EatingIt has been recently revealed that the new food festival is going to majorly promote healthy eating habits this year. This festival is going to take place from the 12th to the 15th of April in Dungarvan. The festival is going to include the Nutrition Health Foundation, which shall focus on the promotion of healthy eating habits in people.

California Reeling Under Citrus Greening Disease

CitrusA deadly citrus disease carried by jumping plant lice has spread to California after which US state’s Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and authorities have issued an alert and started the process to quickly quarantine the area around the detected site. There is a huge outcry as it poses a direct threat to the $2-billion citrus industry in the state. If the situation is not curtailed, then it would lead to disastrous consequences.

New Drug Discovered That Could Subside the Side-Effects of Morphine

MorphineA new study has proposed that now people will not have to face the side-effect problem that they used to do earlier with the use of morphine.

During the analysis of the mechanism of morphine, it was discovered that morphine not only binds with opioid receptors, but it even binds to an immune receptor within the brain, due to which the patient consuming morphine has to even suffer the side-effects.

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