Public Sector Workers to Witness Strike Results Tomorrow

Public Sector Workers to Witness Strike Results TomorrowA strike action carried out by public sector workers has pushed the York Hospital management to make some changes in the X-ray services tomorrow. The alterations in the existing system are likely to cast severe impact on patients with a referral for radiology service, though a spokeswoman for the hospital has assured to perform all emergency X-rays as normal.

76% of Oysters Contain Norovirus, Says Research

76% of Oysters Contain Norovirus, Says ResearchNew research has really raised worries among the concerned authorities by claiming that 76 percent of the UK Oysters are containing Norovirus, the infectious bug.

Mid-morning Snacks Must Be Avoided

Mid-morning Snacks Must Be AvoidedIf you are on diet, you must follow some strict rules to see good results in you.

Start with avoiding short meals between your breakfast and lunch because mid-morning snacking can ruin all your efforts, says a new study.

Parents Must Not Sleep with Babies

Parents Must Not Sleep with BabiesNew investigations are advising parents of newborn babies to avoid sleeping with their babies, at least for the first six months of their lives, to prevent their infant’s death.

Yes, recent case of death of five infants in the region, merely due to sharing beds with their parents, have disturbed the officials and being followed by some very new and unusual advices.

Tooth with Filling Found In Tesco's Yogurt Enrages 43-Year-Old

David-CaseyThough it is hard to imagine what the 43 years old lorry driver must have felt while he was having yogurt from Tesco and a tooth stuck up under his teeth, Tesco is doing its best to compensate for the inconvenience. It was told that David Casey was enraged with what happened with him and rushed to get an answer from the shop for the same. The man is told to have bought the yogurt from a Coventry branch of the supermarket on September 24.

Too Ill To Face an Inquiry But Fine For Skiing Trip?

Movember Stimulates Awareness of Health Woes of Men

MovemberThere is no second thought that men do overlook their body call and that is why so much is being talked about the same by one and all. One the same lines Movember is being celebrated so that more and more number of men are being made aware about the dire consequences of prostate cancer.

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