Breast Implant Removal Pending For French Women

Breast Implant Removal Pending For French WomenThere is soon going to be an announcement made by the French government regarding whether or not the women with faulty silicon breast implants need to get rid of them. It was only last year that these implants by the French company Poly Implant Prosthese had been banned by the government assuming that they had a non-medically approved silicon filling layer in it.

Authorities Seeking Fat Tax on Soft Drinks

Authorities Seeking Fat Tax on Soft DrinksObesity has been taking toll over the lives of many all over the world. Therefore, with the pursuit of reducing the chances of one become obese, it has been proposed that the soft drinks should be levied with new 10% 'fat tax'.

Malaria Vaccine to go through Human Trial

Malaria Vaccine to go through Human TrialIt has been reported that for the first time, a human trial of a malaria vaccine is about to start, which will be aimed at knowing the effects of the medication over humans. The vaccine, called PfRH5, has been designed by the Oxford researchers.

Derby Hospitals Trust Tackles £40m Shortfall

Keep Blood Stocks Up Before Christmas

Keep Blood Stocks Up Before ChristmasWhile celebrations are all set to rock this Christmas, there are lingering fears of shortage of blood in the world's largest blood bank. It is known that many people suffered from accidents last year on the same day, and that's why much attention is being paid this year so that such cases could be averted in the best possible manner.

Psychologists Say ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage

Let The 'Irish Giant' Sleep In Peace in Sea!

Charles-ByrneIn a recent report, it has been found that there would soon be efforts made to ensure that the last wish of the Irish Giant should be fulfilled. It has been told that the 8ft tall Charles Byrne had wished that he must be buried at sea instead of making him a body of display. But, this was ignored and the skeleton of the man was kept in a museum for almost two centuries.

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