Health Minister Defends Closure of Hospital Ward

Health Minister Defends Closure of Hospital WardOver 30 beds in a surgical ward will be replaced by hospital-in-the-home beds as Health Minister David Davis defends the decision to close a ward at the Box Hill Hospital, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

This development has led nursing staff to fear that they will be sacked due to lesser in-patients in the hospital. However, the hospital says that they would not be slashing any jobs.

Cold Snap Alert Plan 'Will Save Lives'

ColdAs per latest information, it has been revealed that soon England will be introducing winter weather alerts with the aim of assisting susceptible people for the duration of cold snaps.

Also, various agencies like the NHS, social services and other non-profit organizations will be getting the Met Office notifications and then, it will help the services department to make the needed moves so as to ensure people remain safe and sound in their homes.

Cancer Risk Goes Up, Says ACT

Cancer Risk Goes Up, Says ACTAdding some more concerns to the previous ones, a report, presented by the Australia Capital Territory (ACT), has declared that the current health reports have certainly proved the number of people being diagnosed with cancer is gradually mounting.

New Cancer Drug under Trial

Cancer-DrugIt has been revealed in a recent report that there is going to be a trial conducted on a drug which might be able to treat different types of cancer. This trial is going to be conducted in London. The name of the drug is the L-NNA and it might be able to treat a number of tumors at a time.

Cancer Care Centre Receives Boost of $300K

Cancer Care Centre Receives Boost of $300K As per reported information, for the improvement of the cancer treatment procedures, soon the Albury Wodonga's Carer Accommodation Centre would be receiving an amount of $300,000.

Teenager Participates in Noble Gong Ride

Teenager Participates in Noble Gong RideAccording to reports, a 15-year-old boy is set to become an inspiration for all the boys of his age, as he would be taking part in the cycle race being organized to raise funds for the patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Drink Cherry Juice, Sleep In Peace

cherry-juiceRecent reports have revealed that cherry juice is something one can rely on for good health and a sound sleep. The study includes volunteers who took to drinking this juice every day, for a week. It was found by the end of the study that they had had a sounder sleep than people who were not drinking cherry juice.

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