Fingerprint Scanner to Detect Drugs in Sweats

Fingerprint-ScannerTo detect drug abuse, researchers have found a newest way i. e. a prototype fingerprint scanner, which, according to them, can easily detect the presence of opiates, cannabis or cocaine in the sweats on a user's fingertip.

Med School Head Hopes Regional Rebranding Before Expiry of His Tenure

Mid-Western-Regional-HospitalProfessor Paul Finucane’s services as the head of UL’s Graduate Entry Medical School will end soon but before coming down from his position, he sincerely hopes to see the Mid Western Regional Hospital rebranded as University Hospital Limerick.

Professor Finucane’s tenure will finish next year because his role as head of the school according to his contract expires in August 2012.

James Reilly Assures To Chop Huge Patient Waiting Lists

Stay Active To Avoid Obesity, Says Study

ObesityIncreasing trend of junk food and night culture has contributed enough to create a feasible environment for a number of health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. Besides elderly people, these health conditions are also taking life of more and more number of youngsters.

CCG Size Recommendations to Be Given Out Soon

NHSIt has been revealed in a recent report that the Department of Health is moving according to a plan of action for the purpose of making recommendations about the size of Clinical Commissioning Groups, together with the GP leaders, that are going to be made public in the weeks to come. This new document is going to lay down details about the NAPC and the NHS Alliance.

Increase in Hospital Mortality Rates

Worcestershire-Acute-HospitalsIt has been revealed in a recent report that the hospitals in Worcestershire have come up with death rates of more than what had been expected in recent times. The new data reveals that people dealing with stroke are most likely to be on this list.

"Movember” Continues To Spread Awareness about Men’s Health

MovemberBefore planning to shave your mouthwashes, give a though towards significance of "Movember”, a move designed to raise awareness about men’s health including prostate cancer as well as many other cancers that tend to affect them, globally.

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