Paper Strip test to Determine Existence of E. coli in Beach Water

Paper-Strip-testTo testify the quality of water at beaches in the coming times, the researchers at McMaster University have come up with a new technique. This method works as an innovation in the field because it promises to bring far better and quicker results.

MRI Scanner Fundraising Committee Praises South Canterbury Community

MRI Scanner Fundraising Committee Praises South Canterbury Community As per reports, it has been revealed that the MRI scanner fundraising campaign committee will be able to raise more than $3 million as a part of fundraising campaign.

Study Unveils Pacifiers Increase Breast-Feeding Rates Instead Of Decreasing

Breast-FeedingA new study has proposed that pacifiers used by babies don’t interfere with breastfeeding, rather, it has been determined that not giving pacifiers to babies, while they are in hospitals, increases their intake of baby food.

The findings of the study have challenged the traditional warnings put forth by World Health Organization (WHO), which depicts that pacifiers discourage breastfeeding.

Drug Impairs Brain

drugAs per a research, which has been published in the Nature Neuroscience journal, it has been revealed that impulsive behavior, which is noticed in teenagers, can be a sign of neurological problem.

Eating Disorders a Major Concern for Welsh Government

Eating-DisordersAs per recent findings, it has been suggested that many of people have been indulged in eating disorders past several years, thus resulting in disorders like orthorexia, anorexia and bulimia. These disorders arise after a person’s self-perception restricts them of consuming food, as they fear they would gain weight.

New Zealand Witnesses Rise in Asthma Cases

New Zealand Witnesses Rise in Asthma CasesAs per reports, it has been revealed that asthma hospitalizations of children in New Zealand are quite high. Measures have been taken to reduce the number and there has been slight decline too, but a lot more needs to be done.

The New PET Scanner

The New PET ScannerIt has been revealed that with the help of the new sensor being installed at a hospital in Windsor, diseases might be detected earlier and can get a better cure. This is the PET machine, also known as the Positron Emission Tomography scanner. This shall help in detecting diseases earlier and at a more treatable stage.

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