Safety Standards for Workers to Be Increased

Safety Standards for Workers to Be IncreasedThere has been an ever increasing number of fatalities each year from accident related to work and diseases. The United Nations has now understood the need of laying down stringent measure to make sure that the safety and health of workers across the world is secured. This initiative is a part of the move of the UN to make the world a green economy.

Failure to Diagnose Young Cancer Patients Early Could Be Something Serious

Failure to Diagnose Young Cancer Patients Early Could Be Something SeriousA shocking report has caught the attention of one and all, which made it clear that there are some 25% of the young patients of the age between 13 and 24 who are not being timely diagnosed with cancer. Their symptoms are being overlooked by doctors when they go to meet for the first time and at least four visits are required to be diagnosed with the disease.

Researchers Discover More Genes Associated With Osteoporosis

Matt Golinski Discharged From Hospital

AFL Legend Ron Barassi Diagnosed With Dementia

Brain Wiring Behind Teenagers’ Impulsive Nature

NeuroscienceA recent research has claimed that youngsters are way too probable to start smoking and even trying cannabis or alcohol and it has been found in the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans of their brains. The study has been published online in Nature Neuroscience. While there are teens who start late with such evil habits, it has been found after tracking down brain networks that there are some who are likely to behave a lot senseless.

Scientists Discover Gene Behind Pancreas Cancer

Pancreas-CancerIn a recent research, it has been claimed that researchers have managed to find a gene which would be able to lower down the pace of the spread of pancreatic cancer tumours. It was found that the gene in the name of USP9X could play a crucial role in understand one of the most lethal diseases.

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