ARM Unveils New ARM Cortex-M0+ Processor

ARMOn Tuesday, ARM unveiled its new ARM Cortex-M0+ processor. During the launch of the processor, ARM informed that the chip is cheaper in price and could connect non-PC electronics and smart sensors in homes and offices.

Dell to buy SonicWall

DellWith the pursuit of expanding its horizons, Dell Inc. has proposed of buying tech-security company SonicWall Inc. It has not yet been informed as to how much would be paid by Dell Inc. to by the firm.

Speculations have been aired that about Dell planning to buy SonicWall for the cost of $1.2 billion. SonicWall is currently facing debt. In 2010, the SonicWall private was bought by the Thoma Bravo LLC for $717 million.

Ministers Pledge to Eradicate Water Crisis at World Water Forum

World-Water-ForumThere has been a shortage in the world’s water supply due to climate changes and ever-growing need for food and sanitary conditions. The ever-increasing population which has a hunger for energy is also not helping the cause.

India once Again in Fears of Polio

PolioHealth officials in India were quite relaxed to know that India has no more any fears of suffering from polio now, but recently a report over a case of paralysis in the east of the country has made them playing down fears once again.

Taiwan Pig Farmers Need Guarantee Card to Sell Pigs

Taiwan Pig Farmers Need Guarantee Card to Sell PigsTaiwan's Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji has fulfilled his promise of taking strict actions to ensure meat safety. From now onwards, all the pig farmers have to sign guarantee card before selling their pigs to customers.

Pre-school Children Facing Dental Problems

National-Dental-CentreAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that children are not taking proper care of their teeth. Resultant of which, children who need to undergo surgery with general anaesthesia has been on rise.

New Zealanders Can Suffer From Vitamin D Deficiency in winters

Vitamin DAs per reports, it has been revealed that the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Cancer Society has issued a joint statement that New Zealanders should try to come out in the sun during the coming months of winter. It is necessary for them to maintain vitamin D level, but experts have said that sun exposure should be within limits as over exposure can cause skin cancer.

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