Addison’s Disease Not So Common in UK

Addison’s Disease Not So Common in UKThe British Medical Journal has published a report talking about a case in which a 58-year-old Manchester United female fan started having debilitating palpitations and light-headedness during stiff matches.

Australian Blood Service Betting on Northern Beaches

Australian Blood Service Betting on Northern BeachesThe Australian Red Blood Service has put forth a shocking fact that they do not have enough blood to meet community requirements. This is a matter of concern as lost of incidents take place at the time of Christmas and New Year. Therefore, blood banks should always be ready to supply blood.

Gay Men Need To Be Empowered

Gay-MenA team of researchers from the U. S is of the view that legalizing marriage for gay men, would help in creating a better environment for them. It was revealed that the number of health visits gay men made in Massachusetts, was reduced by a substantial limit after gay marriages were legalized there. This was reported in the Public Health Journal from America, it being irrespective of the fact whether the men, were in a stable relationship or not.

Lauren Scruggs, Loses Her Left Eye

Lauren-ScruggsIn a recent report, it has been revealed that a model, who had accidentally walked into the propeller of an airplane, and was badly injured, has now had her left eye removed due to the same. The name of the model is Lauren Scruggs and she is from North Texas.

Use of Alternative Medicine Demanding More Research

Research says Static Stretching not Beneficial, Rather it is Counterproductive

Victoria UniversityThe findings of a Victoria University research has clearly stated that static stretching warm ups could prove to be counter-productive but despite knowing the above fact, the warm ups are still being overused by many athletes.

Thousands of Diabetes Deaths Avoidable, Finds Report

DiabetesAs per latest information, a recently concluded study, which was carried out by the researchers from the Diabetes UK, has revealed that young women suffering from Type 1 diabetes are as many as nine times more expected to die in comparison to their mates.

Around 75,000 people die each year due to diabetes. Yet, almost one-third of these could be prevented by enhancing the management of medication, thereby improving their condition.

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