Serco Wins 20 Year Contract

Serco Wins 20 Year ContractSerco, an international service company has won the contract to handle services at Fiona Stanley Hospital. It is private company, which is a known name in the field of service.

Pay TV Scheme to Be Introduced For Patients

Risk of Colon Cancer May Witness an Increase With a Simple Hot Dog

Colon-CancerIt has been revealed in a recent report that the additives that are put in hot dogs, such as erythorbate, ascorbate as well as nitrite, might be possible reason for the onset of colon cancer. It was in the year 1978, that the hot-dog makers were asked to reduce the amount of these additives, as they tend to have ill effects on the health of people.

Yoga and its Physical Benefits

YogaIt has been revealed in a recent research that yoga might be a great way to relieve a person from back pain. It was further added that it cannot be scientifically proved that yoga has any mental benefits to the person.

The study was conducted by the National Institute of Health from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Centre.

Midwife’s ‘Carelessness’ Leads to Death of Another Child

MidwifeLisa Barret is the new killer midwife on the block. It is surprising to see how she is linked to the death of four babies. These deaths occurred in home births. Three of these cases are from SA and one of them is from Perth.

There is a probe launched on the matter by Anthony Schapel, the deputy of South Australia. He was the one who previously investigated the death of the newborns in the year 2007-09.

Mental Health Outreach Program to Be Launched Soon

Mental-HealthIt has been reported that a mental health outreach program is due to be held in Mount Isa region. Besides Mount Isa, the program will be held at 15 other sites which will include Mackay, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich.

Insurance Firms’ Favoritism on the Decline

QueenslandFollowing the failure of insurance firms in meeting the demands of the Queensland disaster afflicted people, the Consumer Choice has thumbed down the insurance firms this year.

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