Exercise Can Help Fight Migraine

ExerciseIt has been revealed in a recent report that workouts are a great way of reducing gruesome headaches. It might be hard to believe, but it has been scientifically proven that migraines can be reduced by a substantial level, with the help of a good exercise schedule. The crux is that exercise works out not just the body of a person, but also the mind. It relaxes one from the pressures and stress of life.

Sensor Technology in Car Steering To Avert Accidents

NHS Staff Found Guilty Of Pepping Into Medical Records

NHS Staff Found Guilty Of Pepping Into Medical RecordsThere is no denial that preserving medical records of patients must be of utmost important for authorities' concerned, but recent reports have somehow exposed the dark side of NHS Trusts where staff members are leaking confidential records in public domain. Though some were disciplined for the same, the underlying issue has caught the attention of one and all.

SWFT Eyes George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

SWFT Eyes George Eliot Hospital NHS TrustThere seems to be some relief for troubled George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, as reports have indicated that South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT) has shown interest in acquiring it.

The SWFT so far has been running Warwick Hospital, but now it's eyeing another trust so that it could make itself eligible for attaining foundation status by 2014.

Save Our Hospital Campaign

Save Our Hospital CampaignIt has been revealed in recent reports that there might soon be a new £300m hospital trust that might come as a result of the requirements of most people in the vicinity. People are in favor of setting up a new facility rather than clinging on to the old one, which seems to have lost the point.

AIDS Still a Global Challenge

AIDS Still a Global ChallengeThere is no denial that AIDS is a global challenge for countries across the world, and with World AIDS Day being celebrated on December 1, there are going to be lots of education and awareness programmes.

Organ Transplant Receivers at Double Cancer Risk

Organ-TransplantOrgan transplant patients face double risk of being diagnosed with cancer, said a recent research published in the journal of American Medical Association.

Dr. Eric A. Engels and colleagues from the National Cancer Institute carried out a research in which they correlated the data received from the U. S. Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients, and matched it with regional cancer registrations.

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