Tooth Decay Taking Toll on Irish Kids

Tooth Decay Taking Toll on Irish KidsTooth decay is a problem which every kid experiences. But, it seem like Ireland kids are having greater issues with tooth decay as almost half of the kids under the age of 12 and one third of the kids under the age of 15 are suffering from severe case of tooth decay.

Obama Administration to Launch $1 Billion Grant Program

Obama Administration to Launch $1 Billion Grant ProgramIt has been reported that the health administration of Obama has decided to launch $1 billion grant program with the pursuit of improving the health care services. The grant would be utilized over numerous organizations which provide training to health workers.

First Rural Health Day This Year

We all are well familiar with the different lifestyles, opportunities and experiences that a rural community person and a metropolitan city resident earn. The most serious aspect among all, which has become the major concern of the rural community, is an access of a rural person to proper health care.

Edwin Poots Can Soon Launch Car Smoking Ban

Edwin Poots Can Soon Launch Car Smoking BanEarlier, we cited bans on smoking in public areas like parks, streets etc. and now; there are chances that we can soon witness a new ban on smoking in cars.

Online Dating is No Ugly Date-Seekers’ Game

Online Dating is No Ugly Date-Seekers’ GameAs per recent reports, a new study has recently revealed that flattering pictures certainly do not help ugly date seekers when we talk about online dating.

In its results, the study has highlighted how difficult is it for ugly people to make themselves successful in online dating, though they best disguise their worst features and post their most flattering photos.

Hospital A&E Department Closed Temporarily

Hospital-A-EIt has been revealed according to a recent report that a hospital in London has closed its emergency department after it was declared that they do not have enough staff members to be able to run it. The A&E department of the Central Middlesex’s Stafford hospital is going to be temporarily closed. They shall not take admissions in the night as they think they don’t have enough staff to cope up with the emergencies.

The Booze War

AlcoholAlcohol is soothing that people all over the world consume each day, without even realizing how bad it is going to affect their bodies. Alcohol is being misused all over the world and it’s time to stop for a while and think. It’s like slow poison that deteriorates the general health of the body. It affects the liver of a person and tends to put undue pressure on the body parts and they crumble beneath the same.

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