Stem Cell Technology for the Bald: Tests Going On

BaldnessScientists from Tokyo University are on their way to discover an effective and natural way of growing hair on the bald scalps. Stem Cell Magic; yes, scientists have used stem cells to create follicles that grew when rooted over the bald body of mice.

Pink Fitters Day to be Celebrated on Friday

McGrath-FoundationThe coming Friday is being celebrated as Pink Fitters Day. The crew of Tyrepower will put on pink T-shirt to support fight against breast cancer and to raise funds for McGrath Foundation. Kumho Tyres would also be taking part in the upcoming event.

Dredging Linked To Poor Marine Health

Gladstone-HarbourThe health of marine life in the Gladstone Harbour has yet again become a matter of discussion as it has been claimed that dredging has caused illness to the fishes. In an independent report, veterinary scientist Dr. Matt Landos have argued that Queensland Government might have to pay $20 million in the form of compensation to the fishermen and businesses who have succumbed to losses because of the sick fishes.

Cancer Ward at the Raigmore Hospital Shut Down Due To Outbreak of Clostridium

Cancer-WardIt has been reported that the cancer ward at the Raigmore Hospital has been shut down after it was discovered that the ward was infected by bacterium species Clostridium.

The health officials of the hospital acknowledged the outbreak after two patients fell severely ill, as soon as the third case was administered, the ward was closed.

Online Remedies May Turn Out To Be Drastic

RemediesAs per recent reports, it has been illustrated that the number of women who are looking out for medical remedies on Google are drastically increasing.

It has been revealed that the act is a major concern to be considered as almost 255 of the women, who check out the remedies online, tend to buy wrong medication for their illness, and hence, can lead to severe problems.

Rate Of Violence in England and Wales Drops By 4%

Louth Solicitors Join Hand With Marie Curie To Offer Free Will Service

Marie-CurieIn a recent report, it has been made clear that a firm of solicitors in Louth is offering people to get their will made for free for those living in local area. It is being done as a joint effort from Bridge McFarland in the Corn Market, Chattertons with the cancer charity Marie Curie.

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