Exercise Regularly To Fight Diabetes

Exercise Regularly To Fight DiabetesType-2 diabetes often haunts people as it is one of the deadly diseases which is not even curable but also brings in other health complications also. A person affected with Type 2 diabetes has higher chances of developing heart diseases and kidney failure.

Parents Anguished Over Photographers

Omnee-Niki.Babies are angels whether they are born with birthmarks or not. But recently, a mother was all anguished to see the photograph of her daughter which was touched up by a photographer to hide her birthmark.

Campaigners Lose Their Legal Battle

Legal-BattleAs per reports, today a group of campaigners has lost its legal battle against the Norfolk incinerator when Judge Mr. Justice Nico dismissed all the claims, restricting the Grimston resident permission for a complete judicial review of the decision while directing Michael de Whalley, a member of the King's Lynn, to pay costs. This week, he had knocked the High Court while tagging the decision as “unlawful”.

Unhealthy Lifestyle, Working in Shifts Pushing Workers Towards Type 2 Diabetes, Says Report

Type-2-DiabetesUnhealthy lifestyle and growing junk food trend have together contributed enough for increasing the number of obesity cases. Obesity is a terrible health condition that already has a bad name for causing a number of health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Hospitals Unaware of Source of Food Supply, Says Survey

Hospitals Unaware of Source of Food Supply, Says SurveyA survey has revealed that only 14% of the hospitals are aware about the place from where its food is supplied. The survey was conducted by the Countryside Alliance Foundation.

Private Health Firms Alleged of Promoting Anti-Competition Practices

Private Health Firms Alleged of Promoting Anti-Competition PracticesIt has been reported that the private firms of the UK are being scrutinized by the investigators of Competition Commission, as they have received complaints regarding anti-competitive practices. The inquiry over the complaints was called for by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Mercy Killing: The Perpetual Debate

Mercy Killing: The Perpetual DebateIn a recent case of cruelty and negligence, it has been revealed how a woman was left to die in the final hours without help. This was then compared to how people wouldn't treat a dog badly, but would neglect a person and let them die.

Geraldine McClelland, a former TV producer, aged 61, came to Switzerland due to some problems, and was left to die there without assistance.

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