Tissue from One Eye Donor Can Help Restore Vision for Six People

DonorMarch is on, and it is being celebrated with too grand a zest and zeal as the National Eye Donor Month. All over New York state as well as Central New York, a plentiful of tissue recovery firms such as those in the likes of CNYETB, the Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank are looking all in readiness for coming up with efficient and additional efforts aimed at providing a bit of information, awareness as well as education on the aspect of eye donation.

Diesel Exhaust Can Cause Lung Cancer

Diesel-Exhaust.Making an immensely imperative disclosure, a recently conducted study, which was carried out by researchers from the National Cancer Institute, has claimed that there stands a world of fresh confirmations that clearly unmask the long-suspected and mildly considered truth that coming in exposure to diesel engine exhaust can in actual fact result in spiking up the odds of a person falling prey to the life-threatening lung cancer.

Hospitals in Northern Ireland Conduct Tests to Prevent Infection

RQIAIt has been revealed through a recent report that the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA), which is the independent health and social care regulatory body for Northern Ireland is carrying out varied tests fearing the spread of bacteria that has caused deaths of four babies in the country.

Government Decides Funding for Research into Rare Conditions

NIHRAs per a new report, it has been revealed that the government in the UK has planned to fund the National Institute for Health Research so as to aid researchers in discovering and developing more therapies for rare diseases killing thousands of people across the nation.

Smear Tests increases Probability of Cancer Survival

Exercise More to keep Your Brain Sharper

ExerciseExercising benefits are known to all and here comes one more in the list suggesting that people must exercise at least for half an hour a day if they want to sharpen their mind.

TAVI to Treat Heart Patients in India

TAVIMedical professionals have recently given a new hope of life to all those heart patients in India, who couldn’t undergo open chest surgery due to ageing factors or any other complication.

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