The Application Race

ApplicationIt has been recently revealed how the famous You Tube lecturer, Salman Khan has now made his way to the ipad. He is a former hedge fund manager and has come up with the idea of giving lectures about physics, chemistry, math and history, on the social video broadcasting site.

New Game Move

gamingIt has been recently revealed in a report that Sina from China and Dena from Japan have joined hands for cooking up a new hue for the challenging gaming market of the world. Both the firms have joined hands in order to be able to form new types of games which are fully packed with the most novel features which shall interest audiences in the future. This is basically being done for the gaming on mobile phones.

For The Support of Children Suffering from Cancer

CancerIt has been recently revealed in a report how the St. Baldrick’s foundation has come forward with an initiative for the purpose of supporting the kids suffering from cancer. Volunteers have shaved their heads for supporting the cause.

Mental Satisfaction Improves With Advancement in Age

MentalAs per a research being carried out by a group of researchers from the University of Warwick, it has been revealed that there is a perfect co-relation between physical activity, age and happiness. Physical activities are reduced with age, but happiness and mental satisfaction increases.

Healthy Eating Options While Travelling

NutritionMarch is celebrated as National Nutrition Month, and it is also the month when people tend to go for spring break. Therefore, it will be a perfect time to talk about healthy food options while travelling. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, was of the view that planning to take healthy food is not at all difficult.

Fruit Juices Can Damage Your Children’s Teeth, Claim Researchers

JuicesMaking an immensely significant disclosure, it has been warned by dentists that kids who are heartened for drinking more and more fruit juice in their “five a day” can result in proving extremely dangerous for their teeth.

Scientists Unveil Salt-tolerant Wheat

WheatSalty soil, which is considered a curse of wheat plantation, may not anymore hinder planting wheat but, as a matter of fact, it can result in improving the yield by as much as 25%.

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