Police Officials Warn People to Avoid Illegal Drugs

Illegal-DrugsAs per recent reports, it has been declared that two young men died after consuming ecstasy-type pills. It has been reported that both the men were in their 20s.

Reports put forth by police revealed that the first death was reported in Peterborough, Cambs, on Thursday afternoon. The other death was reported after almost 24 hours in Huntingdon, where the man died at 4 am yesterday.

MP Declares to Resign From BMA

BMAAs per reports, it has been reported that doctor’s union are planning for a strike action subjected to be held next month. It has been reported that British Medical Association (BMA) announced to take up this action after government changed plans for NHS doctors’ pensions.

However, latest reports have stated that a conservative MP has announced to resign from the action scheduled to be held this June 21.

Besides Bacterial Infection, Communication Gap Termed to be Reason behind Infant Deaths

IrelandAs per recent findings, it has been subjected that death of four babies in Northern Ireland Hospitals could have been avoided, if certain precautionary measures and proper hygienic conditions would have been maintained.

Reviews of a report put forth Stormont Health Committee by an independent body explained that the deaths were encountered following an outbreak of bacterial infection.

Lawsuit of Authors Given Class Certification against Google

Lawsuit of Authors Given Class Certification against GoogleThere has been a war going on between the authors and the search giant Google over the plans of the company to start the world's largest digital library. This had even led to many authors filling a lawsuit against the company.

FBI Shows Concern Over New Internet Numeric Addresses

FBI Shows Concern Over New Internet Numeric AddressesThe latest new Internet numeric addresses that are scheduled to begin next week have some people concerned regarding its workability. FBI is concerned that it would hinder its ability to conduct electronic investigations.

Antitrust Bureau Warns Google

Antitrust Bureau Warns GoogleIt has been recently revealed in a report that the chief of the antitrust bureau in Europe has warned the owners of Goggle that they either need to change their search results or need to face charges for the same.

They are being asked to change the search results as well as make some changes in their rules for advertisement. If they fail to do so, they are being threatened of having to pay huge fines for the same.

New .Lol Domain

New .Lol DomainIt has been recently revealed in a report that Google firm is planning to launch an all new .lol domain. These plans have been revealed by the Chief Internet Evangelist for the company, Vint Cerf. He is of the view that these plans might be made reality in the next four years to come.

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