Smoking Could Trigger Cognitive Decline in Males

SmokingThere is no doubt on the potential side effects of smoking for people of any ages, however, a recent study is told to have said that middle aged men are more likely to suffer from fast cognitive decline as compared to others.

Malaria Death Cases Causing Concern

MalariaIn an investigation conducted by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) it was found that the malaria death cases have almost doubled in the past few years. Advancements in the medical science made the experts to claim that the malaria cases would reduce. However, as per the figures revealed by the investigation, it has come to light that instead of reducing the number of malaria deaths, the numbers have actually surged.

Secret Sex Tapes Unmask Patient-GP Conversation

Simon-RobinsonIn an immensely shocking disclosure, it has come to light that a disciplinary panel yesterday heard a covert recording of a GP-patient interaction in which the patient seemingly having said to her 44 years old married GP that he has “such a kissable mouth”.

The disclosure has baffled the authorities and has raised tons of questions over the disciplinary structure of medical services in the region.

Three Wards in Hospital Closed after Norovirus Attack

NorovirusA report has unveiled that norovirus outbreak has reoccurred at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. It is being said that the outbreak has caused the closure of three wards at the hospital so as to prevent the disease from spreading further in the hospital.

Darent Valley Hospital Funds NHS Trusts for Repayment

nhsIt has been revealed in a recent report that the NHS trusts would receive funds from government to aid them in repaying payments that fall under their Private Finance Initiatives (PFI). A bailout fund has been announced by health chiefs of Darent Valley Hospital.

Spoon-fed Babies More Likely to Become Fatter

Exercise Harder To Lose Weight

ExerciseAre you trying hard to lose weight? Have been exercising but still not able to see the results? Then please don’t give up as what you need to do is to get harder with exercising.

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