New Pork Import Rules

New Pork Import RulesIt has been recently revealed that there has been the incorporation of new import rules for the transport of pork. These new standards have been revealed by the Ministry of Primary Industries and they are of the view that these rules are finally out in the law, after there were number of efforts made for blocking them, by the opposition.

Detection of Relapsing Prostate Cancer Given a New Way

Detection of Relapsing Prostate Cancer Given a New Way Recent research has suggested that a misplaced or tampered DNA can be detected by conducting a blood test, which further helps provide information on whether a prostate cancer patient is returning into former state.

Health Minister to Allocate $500 Million to Boost Dental System

Preliminary Success in Meningitis Research

Preliminary Success in Meningitis ResearchIt has been recently revealed in a report that there might soon be the development of such an effective cure for the meningitis B disease, and it could be controlled in the time to come.

New Anti-Blindness Drug

New Anti-Blindness DrugIt has been revealed in a recent report that with the use of an all new anti-blindness mode of treatment, the NHS might soon be able to save a lot of money. Avastin is the name of the drug and it is a cost effective mode of treatment that can help people in staving off the risk of the disease in the time to come. This might be able to save about £84m a year for the NHS.

Need For More Alcohol Awareness

Need For More Alcohol AwarenessIt has been revealed by group Balance that there has been a rise in the drinking problem in the people of the vicinity. They are of the view that the rates of 6the disease have seemingly grown a lot in the recent past and this calls for the need for changes to be incorporated while there is still time.

Dubai Financial Market Registers Strong Quarterly Numbers

DubaiStock Market leader in Gulf, Dubai Financial Market has declared better-than-expected results on back of higher trading activity. Compared to previous year first quarter, the revenue was higher by 42 per cent.

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