Why Few Young Women Prefer Older Men?

zebrafishAs revealed in a new report, Dr. Sheri Johnson, a researcher from the Otago University, New Zealand, is aiming to find the most possible cause of attraction of some young women to men older than them.

Exercise Must for Controlling Obesity

The Ultra-adorable Hungarian Wheelchair User

Katalin-Eszter-VargaA large number of beauty queens may desire and declare their wishes revolving around world peace, but the most adorable wheelchair user in Hungary reportedly has a much more practicable aim in mind.

In an extremely rare European event, the victor will be awarded with an honor of advocating things with the intent of enhancing access conditions that have been fabricated especially for Hungary’s disabled community.

Export of Drugs Leads to Patients’ Deaths

NHSIt has been revealed in a recent report that drug companies and pharmacies in the UK are selling important and mostly prescribed drugs to other countries seeking greater profits and have been risking patients’ lives to a large extent.

Don’t Underestimate Alcohol Units!

AlcoholWhile there is so much talked about drinking, it is being believed that young people don’t track how much they are actually pouring in their glass. Overlooking what ideally they should consume, many young people are found gulping down glass after glass.

Prime Healthcare Services under scrutiny over billing practices

Prime Healthcare Services under scrutiny over billing practicesCalifornia state lawmakers are accusing Prime Healthcare Services of deceitful medical billing practices.

A hearing has been called to probe allegations of over-billing patients for care and slashing the number of patients transferred to suitable medical facilities by Prime Healthcare.

New Vaccine for Whooping Cough for Adults

Whooping-CoughThe federal advisory panel is of the view that the adults in the U. S need to get vaccination against whooping cough which is an infectious disease. It was revealed that people above the age of 65 years, who have seemingly not been given a proper vaccination for whooping cough, need to receive the same.

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