US Scientists Press For Covering 'Bird Flu' Researches

Bird-FluIt seems that senior US scientists would not budge in their efforts to ensure that there could be no lingering danger over the disclosure of two separate researches. It has been found that the research work done by the teams, one from Netherlands and the other in the United States, had developed a lethal strain of a mutant bird flu virus.

A Pregnancy that Kept the Woman Upside Down

Donna-KellyIn a recent report it was revealed that a woman from Britain, who had been advised complete bed rest during her complicated pregnancy, had to actually lie down tilted, head downwards, to save the baby from harm.

Surgeon Donates His Own Kidney for Mother

Asim-Syed.It has been recently revealed that a transplant surgeon donated his kidney to his mother, who was struggling with kidney dysfunctions. The name of the surgeon is Asim Syed and he is a renowned transplant surgeon who has himself carried out as many as 100 surgeries transforming other people’s lives. It was when his mother was in need for help, and couldn’t find it from anywhere else, that the doting son donated one of his own kidneys to save her life.

Norovirus Outbreak Continues

NorovirusIt seems no one is getting so much publicity as this norovirus is getting. More than 35 hospitals have complained of it and more than 800 Britons ahev become its prey. Experts said this year, more than one million people would have got ill due to vomiting super bug.

This Christmas, Discuss Overweight Issue with Your Loved Ones

This Christmas, Discuss Overweight Issue with Your Loved OnesChristmas celebration is one of those celebrations in which family members gather to spend quality time with each other. The National Obesity Forum and International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk have asked people to take the opportunity to talk to their loved ones about the adverse consequences of obesity.

Reilly's Revamp Plan Presents More Questions than Answers

Liquor Flows West In Torrent of Misfortune

Liquor Flows West In Torrent of MisfortuneAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that impoverished suburbs like Footscray and Sunshine are being waterlogged with additional booze outlets as compared to the number of liquor outlets in their better-off neighbors.

The reports have been presented by a recently concluded study, which was carried out by Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre.

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