80mph Motorway Limit Would Harm Health, Say Experts

Bionomics Strikes A Deal with Ironwood for Developing and Commercializing Drug BNC210

Drug-BNC210Yesterday, Bionomics broke the announcement of striking a deal with the US Drug Company Ironwood for developing and commercializing anti-anxiety drug BNC210. The deal would increase the revenue of the firm as it will be receiving a payment of US$3 million and US$13 million in the coming two years.

They Know What You Are Up To

dogsIt has been recently revealed that dogs can decipher a human being’s intent. They can sense and feel if the intention of a person near him is good or bad. This makes the four-legged creature even more an intelligent companion for humans.

HSE Pressurizes Over Marinating Safety Precautions at Workplace

HSEContinuous accidents taking place at the workplace has led Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to warn a construction company to maintain safety in the workplace. It has been reported that a construction firm of Rotherham is facing scrutiny by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for the incident that took place last year on the 27th of September.

Slimmer of the Year Helen is Yummy Mummy

Helen-ElversonAccording to latest reports, it has been revealed that Helen Elverson has recently been named as the “Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Magazine Yummy Mummy Slimmer of the Year 2012”.

Cosmetic Industry Providing Free Breast Implants To Affected Women

Breast-ImplantsConcerns over unknown breast implants rupture rate have led the cosmetic industry to come forward and help the British women who have undergone PIP breast implants.

Nagor, a Scottish company, said that he would provide free implants to affected women. But they said free implants would only be provided to those whose implants have ruptured and would not bear surgery costs.

Men Are More Insecure About Their Looks

Men & WomenIt has been recently revealed that body image is more of a reason to worry for men than women, like it was always believed. In a research, it was recently revealed that men are the ones who crib more about becoming bald or developing sagging male boobs.

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