Waitemata DHB Shows Promising Improvement by Exceeding ED Health Target

Waitemata-DHBIt would be a proud moment for Waitemata DHB who not only has achieved the ED health target but exceeded it. This shows the dedication and hard work put in by Waitemata DHB. Their main focus was improving the performance of its target, which they managed t fulfill in spite of increase in the number of patients being admitted to the Emergency Department in recent years.

Skin Cancer No More Limited To Older People, Even Younger Generation Getting Affected

Skin-CancerA new study has proposed that the number of melanoma cases is drastically rising amongst the younger generation. It is no more restricted to the older generation people.

During the study, the researchers examined the first time diagnoses records of melanoma patients in the age group between 18 and 39 from 1970 to 2009. The records were undertaken from all the patient care hospitals in Olmsted County, Minn.

Truck Drivers Found Suffering from Sleep Disorder

Truck-DriversA new study proposed has revealed that most of the commercial truck drives are at a higher risk of crashing due to a sleeping disorder.

The study was carried out by analyzing 517 truck drivers. These drivers covered a total distance of approximately 200 Kms daily from their base and were deployed to drive trucks which were more than 12 tones tare weight.

Records Shows That Water Birth Baby Was in Fact Born Alive

Water-Birth-BabyIn a bizarre twist, a baby who was thought to have died during an unassisted water birth, now seems to have been born alive. A coronial inquest in Sydney after looking at the evidences have come to a conclusion that after birth the umbilical cord had a pulse, which is a key sign of life.

Researchers Develop New Drug to Treat Cancers

CancersIt has been revealed in a new report, published in the Clinical Cancer Research, that a virus present inside the human body could prove helpful in killing several types of cancer.

Liquid Morphine Bottles Found Diluted

Morphine-BottlesRecent news revealed that investigators have discovered that Brighton Royal Sussex County Hospital’s surgical ward was using diluted form of liquid morphine.

Full Reports on Pseudomonas Outbreaks to Be Presented By May End

Edwin-PootsAccording to sources, it has been revealed that the review set up in February by the Health Minister to administer the cause behind the outbreak of Pseudomonas is expected to end by May end.

It has been unveiled that the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, has been appointed to investigate the case of four babies who died due to the infection of Pseudomonas.

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