Norovirus Threat Looms Over Ninewells Hospital

Withybush-HospitalIt seems that it would take some time before the winter vomiting virus could die down as it has been told that the two wards at Dundee's Ninewells hospital have been opened again for patients. The questioned wards were closed after some suspected cases of the virus came to light. However, there is yet to take any decision on other two wards, 2 and 6, which were closed due to the same reason.

HIV Hits Six Drug Addicts in NHS Glasgow

NHSAs per a recent report, six drug users in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area have been found to be victims of HIV. It is being said that the virus has targeted these people merely within a period of two months.

Diet Soda Instigates Heart Attack, Say Researchers

Diet Soda Instigates Heart Attack, Say Researchers When diet soda was introduced in the market, every one perceived it to be healthy for the body. However, it has recently been revealed by the US study that daily consumption of diet soda increases the risk of heart attack.

A Bite on Heart Safety

healthAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that there is a very strong background saga of heart ailments on either side of the family of Sharen Sleater.

Her health issues started while she was in her early 20s and started experiencing high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol as well as triglycerides, the major and most common afflictions allied to the onset of heart disease.

Leaders Keen on Fortifying Oral Health

PIP Implant Replacement Under Discussion

ImplantRecent statement from the Health Minister regarding the PIP replacement has given new hopes to not only those women who have got their implants from the NHS but also all those women, who got their breasts implanted from a private provider.

Yes, the good news is for all the women in Wales, whose PIP breast implants have unfortunately got defective and need replacements immediately.

Nurses Going Jittery over Whanganui DHB proposal

Nurses Going Jittery over Whanganui DHB proposalAs per reported information, it has come to light that the proposal of Whanganui District Health Board to relocate specialist maternity facilities from Whanganui to Palmerston North is creating a deep sense of apprehension and concerns among nurses all over the region.

The statements have been confirmed by the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO).

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