Apple Improves Working Environment

Apple Improves Working EnvironmentIt has been uncovered in a recent report that after facing the criticism from its customers for poor working conditions provided to workers, Apple has now started to take the matter of working conditions very seriously.

Fake Cancer Drug in the Market

Perak Witnesses Rising AGE Cases

AGEA report reveals that Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) cases have been continuing to rise in Perak and hospitals have been showing carelessness in reporting the same to district health offices. It has been announced by the Deputy Health Minister of the state that the hospitals that fail to do so would be sued.

Scientists Foresee Drug against Malaria Infection

MalariaIt has been unfolded in a recent report by a team of scientists at the University of Melbourne that a malaria parasite changes its shape into a banana’s form before sexual reproduction. The team has been affirming that the results would be helpful for creating a vaccine against the disease, says a study from Journal of Cell Science.

Milton Hershey School Proposes Shifting of Case for Convenience

Milton Hershey School Proposes Shifting of Case for ConvenienceIt has been revealed in a recent report that the Milton Hershey School, which has been facing a HIV-related civil lawsuit filed by an anonymous teenager, is being expected to travel to Philadelphia for court hearing.

It is Possible to Erase Painful Memories, Says Study

Molecular-PainA group of researchers at the McGill University in Montreal has found that neuronal memories associated with any kind of illness or injury can be wiped out easily. The study published in the journal Molecular Pain has revealed the ways to fight dire and agonizing memories of the past.

Anti-anxiousness App to Be Launched Soon

Anti-anxiousnessThe long-established concept of psychotherapy appears like completely challenging the instant-access as well as video screen chatter prevailing all over the modernized and ultra-famous digital trend.

However, it is being speculated that things are going to change very soon, and will get very better indeed, provided some scientists laboring over special mission gain success in harvesting the results they are craving for.

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