Australian Study Hopes to Find Cure of Breast Cancer in Spider Venom

Australian Study Hopes to Find Cure of Breast Cancer in Spider VenomThough it would be probably the last thing in the mind of cancer victims to think that spider venom can be life-saving, that's what caught the attention of researchers from the University of Queensland's Institute for Molecular Bioscience. It was told that a suitable arrangement of molecules of spider venom could escalate the probability of survival of those who are affected by breast cancer.

Single Embryo Implants Don’t Reduce Pregnancy Rates

Single-Embryo-ImplantsUsing multiple embryos for an IVF procedure isn’t necessary, studies say. In a new study conducted by an Iowa fertility center, it was found that using one embryo for an IVF procedure did not affect the rate of birth. However, it did lower the chances of multiple births.

Basingstoke Hospital Stands Out For Elderly Care

Elderly-CareIn a report based on the Care Quality Commission’s investigations of 100 hospitals across the country, it was found that only 45% were meeting quality standards.

The report which was based on the treatment of elderly patients said that 35% of the hospitals met official standards on dignity and nutrition. However, the conditions could be improved. About 20% of the hospitals could not meet requirements on both accounts.

Help Hidden In Alzheimer's Sufferers' Shoes

AlzheimerIn what may well turn out to be one of the most imperative progressions in the field of medical sciences of late, it has been revealed that shoes having an in-built GPS system, which are likely to prove effective in assisting people suffering from dementia who tend to wander before going lost, will be rolled out in the American market later this month.

Universal Flu Vaccine May Be On Horizon

Universal Flu Vaccine May Be On HorizonIt could be a great thing for not only doctors but for people as well if they get a `universal flu vaccine' which would benefit the both. One of the greatest benefits would be that people would not have to come for one or other flu, and doctor's time would also get saved.

Simple Manipulation Can Make Huge Difference in Life

Simple Manipulation Can Make Huge Difference in LifeIt has been revealed according to a recent study that simple changes in people's lifestyles could increase their lives. It was revealed by Dr. Clyde Yancy, Medical Professor from the Heart and Stroke foundation that simple manipulation on one's life can make a huge difference.

Breast Cancer Can Affect Men Too

Breast Cancer Can Affect Men TooIf one thinks breast cancer could only happen to women, then they need to correct themselves. In UK, more than 300 men get diagnosed yearly with the cancer. This condition generally arises in men after the crosses the age of 60 years.

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