Need for More Heart Disease Awareness

Heart-DiseaseIt has been recently revealed in a report that the people of Bradford are being advised to come forward and join in the heart check up drive that is on in the city. There is need for more and more awareness to be spread about the same so that people join in and become a part of the national Heart Rhythm Week.

Charity Organizes Race For Life

Race-For-LifeIt has been revealed in a new report that the 2012 Race For Life is to begin in Wakefield from next Sunday. The race is aimed at raising funds for cancer patients.

As per the findings of the report, Jane McDonald would be starting the race, in which people would be running around Thornes Park.

Snoring Can Lead to Cancer

SnoringA team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the US has studied and found that people who have a snoring problem are at increased risk of contracting cancerous tumours, reveals a recent report.

Dubai Plans to Increase Airport Capacity to 90 Million Passengers by 2018

Dubai Plans to Increase Airport Capacity to 90 Million Passengers by 2018Dubai Airport is on its path to become largest hub for international air travel and the authorities are confident that SP2020 plan will increase passenger handling capacity from current 60 million to 90 million.

Emirates Airline president Tim Clark has expressed confidence that Duabi airport can handle more airlines and offer better connectivity facilities.

Commercial Activity Higher in Abu Dhabi

Commercial Activity Higher in Abu DhabiThe increase in number of commercial licenses issued in Abu Dhabi point towards a higher commercial activity. The number of commercial licenses issued in first quarter of 2012 crossed 2000 mark.

The total number of commercial licenses issued has reached 105,953. 17,866 business owners renewed their commercial licenses during first quarter. 2161 new licenses were issued during the first quarter.

Parents Are More Happier Than Their Childless Peers

ParentsIt is often said that cherish and delight that a parent goes through cannot be matched by anything else. Although parents have an added load of responsibility over their shoulders and studies have shown it sometimes become unnerving, the happiness that also comes with it is worth everything. A recent study from the University of British Columbia has claimed the same stating that parents experience greater happiness and meaning in life than non-parents.

Poverty Haunts Ontario’s Economic Status

OntarioWhile there is no doubt that poverty is one of the most serious issues faced by countries around the world, a recent report by the Ontario Association of Food Banks has claimed that there are dire consequences of poverty in Ontario.

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