Thousands of Diabetes Deaths Avoidable, Finds Report

DiabetesAs per latest information, a recently concluded study, which was carried out by the researchers from the Diabetes UK, has revealed that young women suffering from Type 1 diabetes are as many as nine times more expected to die in comparison to their mates.

Around 75,000 people die each year due to diabetes. Yet, almost one-third of these could be prevented by enhancing the management of medication, thereby improving their condition.

Alcohol Abuse Health Centre

Alcohol-Abuse-Health-CentreMore work needs to be done to improve the state of health of people in Scotland, its chief medical officer has said.

Sir Harry Burns warned that obesity, poor diet and excessive alcohol consumption were causing "unacceptable levels of ill health".

His comments came as figures for England showed that adult obesity had reached its highest level in almost two decades.

Volunteering Award to a Widow

Marie-Curie-Cancer-CareThere are definitely many noble causes to help the needy such as a charity. Following charities raise more or less amount of money, which is then forwarded to either directly help people or improve the services offered to them.

Thomas First in UK to Fight and Live Rarest Brain Bug

BugThere are many different types of illnesses in the world, many very common and some very rare. The one with which, the Aspatria youngster has already fought twice is a deadly brain bug that had been not seen in the UK for nearly 20 years.

Simple Blood Test Can Identify Alzheimer’s

AlzheimerThere seems hardly any doubt left that Alzheimer's disease is no less than a medical anomaly for the medical fraternity, but a recent research has revealed a blood test which could possibly tell if the person is going to develop Alzheimer's disease at later stage or not.

NHS Surrey Urging Carers to Get Seasonal Flu Jabs

Seasonal-Flu-JabsWinter is here and so is the time when people have to stay more cautious and opt for maximum preventive measures to stay safe from catching any flu-type illness.

Health Services No Better Than Garage Repair Shop, Says Poots

HealthMr. Poots on Tuesday bought a major health and social care review to the assembly, addressing the committee and showcasing all members the poor situation of some of the health services that are treated no more than a garage repair shop.

Just like all of us, the issue astonished the officials present in the assembly. In his review, Mr. Edwin Poots clearly stated about people who eat, drink and even smoke themselves to bad health.

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