Weight Loss by Obese Can Reduce Breast Cancer Risks

Weight Loss by Obese Can Reduce Breast Cancer RisksSurveyors at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center revealed after their recent study that if levels of circulating estrogens are reduced to some extent even, the corresponding risk of developing breast cancer can be lowered down considerably.

Stress Makes Men Behave Gently

Stress Makes Men Behave GentlyA new study published in the journal Psychological Science has proposed that old gender stereotypes related to stress are wrong as men have been found to develop more social contacts than women during the time.

65 Roses to Raise Funds for Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic-FibrosisIn order to raise awareness among people and to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis, sufferers and supporters in Perth will band together on Friday to hunt down roses for the wonderful cause. Termed as 65 Roses Day, the main aim of this initiative is to gather support among people to tackle the life threatening condition.

How Has 140 Characters of Twitter Gripped People

TwitterSocial media has gripped the lives of many people. Nowadays, most of the people live their life online and sharing each and every moment of their lives, via messages, pictures or videos. With the advent of twitter, the life of most people has been restricted to 140 words. There are millions of tweets that are sent every day.

Researchers Develop Tool to Detect Malaria-Infecting Mosquito

MalariaA new diagnostic tool developed by the researchers from the University of Queensland can be used to identify mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus. This could be prove to be very beneficial as it could help reduce the spread of dengue which is prevalent in parts of Asia, the Pacific and now extending its reach to northern Australia.

New Convenience for Patients

PatientsIt has been recently revealed in a report that people are now going to be able to have a choice of their own for the place where they would want to have their medical tests done. This news was revealed by the Department of Health and they are of the view that the same could be commenced from April of the year 2013.

Dementia Awareness Needs To Be Spread Further

DementiaIt has been recently revealed in a report that more and more people these days are worried about the impending danger of dementia on them. This has been revealed according to a research done by the Alzheimer’s Society and Saga Homecare, which are of the view that about 61% out of the total surveyed worry about the fact that they might be falling at the risk of contracting this disease with time and age.

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