Judge Rules Out Life-Saving Treatment for Anorexia Woman

Judge-RulesAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a woman, whose condition has worsened due to anorexia, will be fed forcefully. It has been reported that the decision was rolled out yesterday by a judge of High Court.

Healthcare reforms can’t be turned back: Berwick says

Healthcare reforms can’t be turned back: Berwick saysDr. Don Berwick, the former chief of Medicare and Medicaid, Obama administration’s healthcare reforms can not be turned back even if the Supreme Court rules the law unconstitutional.

Berwick said the reforms had already progressed so far that they had become standard in most parts of the United States. Berwick, who stepped down in December, added that a great deal of change was under way.

Take Vitamin D With Calcium Only

Vitamin-D-CalciumA study published lately in the Endocrine Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM) by a team of researchers from the Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark has revealed that vitamin D intake is not contributing to reduced number of deaths of elderly.

Max Page Undergoes Heart Surgery Successfully

Max-PageA small child and a wonderful actor who had been praised for his role in Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial in 2011, has successfully received an open heart surgery on Thursday at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, says a recent report.

Max Page, 7, had been suffering from a congenital heart defect since his birth, the report finds. And getting treatment in the hospital from the time, he has almost become its small Ambassador.

Benicia Scores Well In Childhood Obesity Rate

ChildhoodWhile there is no doubt that childhood obesity has affected countries around the world, a recent report claimed that Benicia has managed to score a lot better than other states. In comparison to the statewide average of 38%, it was found that Benicia did fairly well at 29.9%.

Belgian Neurosurgeon to Chair Otago Neurological Center

Belgian Neurosurgeon to Chair Otago Neurological CenterA leading Belgian neurosurgeon and brain researcher has been appointed as the inaugural Neurological Foundation Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Otago. Dirk De Ridder would take over the new job in February next year in Dunedin.

Doomsday Hovers over Kiwifruit Growers

Doomsday Hovers over Kiwifruit GrowersThe Kiwifruit industry has been hit very hard due to destructive bacteria Psa, which has led to many growers facing an uncertain future. They have now been forced to make the toughest decision that they could ever make and cut out the vulnerable gold kiwifruit vines that have been the industry's stellar performer. Moreover, they would then have to invest again in a new variety, which might also end up in the same fashion.

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