Man Gives Lethal Dose of Morphine to Infant

Graham-Andrew-WilsonDuring a hearing at a court, it was revealed that just to comfort oneself, a man gave a four-month-old baby a very high dose of morphine.

The South Australian District Court heard that Graham Andrew Wilson, 41, of the northern Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth South, was suffering from pain due to injuries that he sustained from his workplace.

Parents Shun Their Son

Caroline-SpelmanInstead of supporting their 17-year-old son and helping him to move out from the world of drugs, parents showed their back to him.

Son of a Cabinet Minister Caroline Spelman, Jonny Spelman has been into the habit of taking steroids in order to build his body more muscular. He stated that he wishes to be the biggest guy ever. Hence, he chose to become a body-builder.

Miami Doctors Successfully Remove Spear Shot from Teenager’s Skull

Teenager-SkullAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a spear shot has been successfully removed from the head of a teenager by Miami doctors. It has been reported that the incident occurred when the teenager had been out for a fishing trip.

Detailed reports suggest that the spear gun was fully loaded, when it was accidentally fired and hit the skull of 16-year- old Yasser Lopez.

Binge-Drinking Kills 22-Year-Old Man from UK

Gareth-AndersonIt has been revealed in report recently that a man from the Northern Ireland in the UK has died of liver failure after he was rejected for a transplant three years back and continued to drink like ever before.

Belfast Trust Faces Severe Penalty over Data Breach

BelfastA recent report showed the heights of carelessness on the part of Belfast Trust which more or less could not maintain the desired security level.

Three-Month-Old Dies, Trial against Parents Continues

Three-Month-Old Dies, Trial against Parents ContinuesIn a shocking revelation, it has been found that a baby has lost his life after he was not taken care of well by his parents. It was shared by Paramedic Frances McIntosh that the baby was spotted with a dirty blanked wrapped around him and that's what made the situation all the more complicated.

Ballieu Government Asks Melbourne Water to return Funds

MelbourneIt seems that the Ballieu government understands its public quite well. It has been recently revealed that the government has asked Melbourne Water to return additional money, which they have charged from Melbourne residents over a period of six months.

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