Environmental Activist Assures Revelation of Mystery Illness Affecting New York School

Le-Roy-High-SchoolIt seems that it would take some more time before the mystery surrounding Tourette's-like illness could be unraveled. It was told that the ever first case of the disease was found in Le Roy High School, N. Y. November last year, but now as many as 15 students are told to have been affected from it.

Working Overtime Could Raise Depression Risk

WorkingIt seems that there is lot to be worry for one if he or she is working for more than 11 hours, as per researchers. It was told that workaholics are more susceptible to face depression. This is not for the first time that after effects of excessive work has been revealed.

Research Finds Early Sign of Autism In Infants

36-Year-Old Nurse Arrested For Sexual Assault

Matthew-LloydIn a recent report, a 36-year-old nurse is told to have been arrested after he assaulted a waitress in Southampton City Centre. Matthew Lloyd is told to have pulled the 20-year-old woman's bottom while she was walking down in Southampton City Centre. Post the arrest, the man is found guilty under the Mental Health Act. He was produced in front of a jury at Southampton Crown Court last September.

1-Year-Old Boy Chews Snake

1-Year-Old Boy Chews SnakeAs per reports, it got revealed that that an 18-month old toddler killed the snake by chewing his head into the mouth. Imad Gadir who lives in northern Israel found the 35 cm long coin snake in his room and thinking it to be a new game, he killed the snake.

Researchers Suggest Chocolates Help Combat Cancer

Researchers Suggest Chocolates Help Combat CancerA group of researchers at the Science and Technology Institute of Food and Nutrition in Spain has recently found that consumption of large amount of cocoa can help in preventing the risk of development of bowel cancer. It is being said by the team that the food such as cocoa can prove highly helpful in fighting disease.

Cancer Screening In America Unable to Meet Target

Cancer Screening In America Unable to Meet TargetIn a recent report, it has been uncovered by a team of analysts that the number of cancer screenings in US is not meeting the targets set by the government in a national health plan. It is being said that less number of screenings are being performed, especially in those people who do not have a health insurance.

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