ASDA Launches New Project Community Life

ASDAAccording to sources, it has been revealed that the ASDA supermarket has started with an all new aspect of Community Life. They have launched this project to help the communities with the location of their stores. Moreover, raise funds.

UK Health Officials Hint At Swine Flu Vaccines for the Rise of Narcolepsy in Children

Swine-FluThere have been concerns that are on a rise after many cases surfaced of sleep disorders among children around the world. Now the health officials in Britain have issued an investigation to look into the matters. According to them the pandemic flu vaccine might be a reason for this, which was given when the H1N1 virus more commonly known as swine flu, erupted in 2009/10.

Doctor Worked For Police Even After His Conviction

DoctorA doctor, who was found guilty of killing a patient in Spain, continued to work as a British police forensic expert earning £10,000 a month while the investigations were going on. Eventually after being convicted of manslaughter, the
52 year old Dr. Marcos Hourmann, he opened his mouth. Before that he mentioned nothing about the case either to Dyfed-Powys Police or NHS trusts in Carmarthenshire and Suffolk.

HBO, Comcast Integration Irks Xbox Live Subscribers

Xbox-LiveXbox Live subscribers had a tight time recently as they struggled to view their favorite shows through HBO GO®, which is an online entertainment service for Xbox 360. It would allow users to access to over 1,400 titles, which include every single episode of the best shows ever seen on HBO. All those who are subscribed customers through a participating television provider would not have to pay any additional cost.

AVG Unveils Active “Do Not Track”

AVGIt seems that there is something more effective and better than “Do Not Track” header in store for the users of AVG, as it has been revealed that another technology in the name of Active “Do Not Track” would be added to its security suites.

This move is touted to be taken to enhance the level of online privacy, which would allow users to block few advertising networks from sharing unwanted data.

Flash Player 11.2 to Have Premium Features

FlashToday, Adobe Systems launched its Flash Player 11.2. At the same time, Adobe has also made an annulment of joining hand with Unity Technologies. The Flash Player 11.2 is said to have new premium features which would permit the game developers to built games while experiencing high quality.

Due to Negligence, Radiologist Misses Dozens of Breast Cancer Cases

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