On Support of Strong Earnings Last year, Pret Plans to Expand Business

Pret-PlansWith a booming business in 2011, the famous Sandwich chain Pret A Manger is planning to introduce another 550 jobs in the UK this year. According to Clive Schlee, the chief executive of Pret A Manger, the brand is very soon opening 44 new shops, with most of them in UK. The cities that have been considered for the same are Madrid, Barcelona and Berlin.

Toyota Prius Climbing the Ladders of Success, 10% Increase in March Sales

ToyotaAfter being announced as the third bestselling US car last month, the Toyota’s Prius hybrid has helped automakers across the world get a net 10 % increase in the sales. This has also enhanced the consumer demand for new vehicles.

No Hidden Agenda behind Mgmt. Reshuffle, Says Whitbread

WhitbreadAs per reports, it has been revealed that Whitbread chief executive Andy Harrison has announced that they are not going to demerge Cost Coffee. In addition, they have also announced that Whitbread’s financial director Chris Rogers will be taking over John Derkach in August.

Lower Dose is a Better Treatment Regimen for Lymph Cancer

A group of surveyors at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany has revealed after its recent research, published in The Lancet, that lower dose of chemotherapy can be helpful in treating advanced stage Hodgkin's lymphoma in a much effective manner.

The team had conducted a study in order to test the different effects of different doses of a chemotherapy drug combination called BEACOPP. For the same, it enrolled nearly 2,000 people with the disease, the report says.

Former Vice President Cheney Receives Heart Transplant

Dick-CheneyA new report has found that Former Vice President Dick Cheney, 71, who had been undergoing heart treatment, has been released by the hospital after 10 days of his heart transplant.

It has been revealed that Cheney has created a life long history of the disease. He has suffered five heart attacks, amongst which one had hit him at an age of 37 years. While his last heart attack was suffered by him in 2010, after which he received a surgery.

‘All Access’ Subscription Service for Digital Magazines

NetflixTechnology has become so vibrant that people want everything at their fingertips. With tablets becoming the main stream of social media and more and more people preferring to spend money on digital magazines and newspapers to read on those hand-held computers, it was just a matter of time that a subscription service is developed that would taker of matters.

HTC One X to Go On Sale in UK This Week

htcTaiwanese smartphone maker HTC has been reeling under a lot of pressure due to the stringent competition in the android smartphone market. The competitors like Samsung, LG and Motorola have been giving it a tight fight with a slew of smartphones being launched every month. But, HTC turned many heads towards itself by announcing its new flag ship phone HTC One X.

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