Group Claiming Miracle Powers a Truth or a Risk?

Grant-ShawCan these be said miracle powers or believing these claims only means risking your life? One really has to get answer to the above question.

Religious Beliefs Create tensions for Midland Health Campus

God-Health-CareAs per reports, it has been revealed that religious beliefs are acting as hurdles for WA Government, as St John of God Health Care has denied carrying out procedures such as abortions and vasectomies at yet to open medical facility the Midland Health Campus.

Less Australian Patients Coming for Kidney Transplants

KidneyAs per reports, it has been found that very few Australians have been getting registered from kidney transplant. The matter has raised concerns among the country medical experts. They are of the view that it is not that people are not being diagnosed with kidney problems, but very less people are coming up for transplants.

Rivals Form a Team to Fight Against Cancer

CancerRivals have come together to fight against cancer. Here, the news is about the legendary Scottish football rivals Sir Alex Ferguson and Mr. Kenny Dalglish who are now a team and all ready with their plans and efforts to back a cancer campaign.

Women Need To Lose Weight before Their Pregnancy

PregnancyIt has been recently revealed in a report that if women maintain a healthy body weight before the onset of pregnancy, it would be beneficial for their babies. This is because obesity in pregnant women might lead to a host of complications for the mother and the child.

Children’s Make an Appeal to Their Drug Addict Parents

Drug-AddictIt has been recently revealed in a report that children from Cat Lake have sent a distress letter urging their parents to quit drugs. This is after the problem of drugs had become all the more serious in the vicinity. There are more and more people getting addicted to Oxycontin, and similar drugs, and this is why there is need for efforts to be made for making them realize how they are wasting away their lives.

Microbiologists find ancient bacteria that are immune to antibiotics

Microbiologists find ancient bacteria that are immune to antibioticsMicrobiologists have reportedly discovered almost one hundred ancient bacteria that are immune to modern antibiotics.

As per a National Geographic report, Microbiologists found the invulnerable bacteria on the walls of the four-million-year-old Lechuguilla cave in New Mexico.

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