Network Rails Fined £1 Million for the Death of Teenagers

FBI Seeking Google’s Aid in Unlocking Confiscated Android Phone

FBIAfter having difficulties in cracking the code of an Android phone, FBI has asked Google for help. The Android phone is said to be of a convicted San Diego pimp. The team of FBI is in need of help to crack down the password of the phone so that they could gather necessary details from the phone.

AT&T Trying to Settle Dispute with iPhone User

iphoneIt has been reported that the AT&T has recently contacted an iPhone user who previously sued the firm for slowing down his unlimited data plan. Following the allegation, the court ordered AT&T to pay $850 to the user.

Elder Scroll Might Be Out This May

Elder-ScrollsIt has been recently revealed in a report that the MMOG inlaid in the Elder Scrolls might be given out by Bethesda in the month of May this year. It is also being said that this might well be a false alarm and a rumor, but it has got many people excited speculating about the details of the same. The firm hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but there are rumors that this shall soon happen

Cancer Drug Helps Mice Suffering from Alzheimer’s

MiceAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that a novel cancer drug is showing sound results in enhancing cognitive abilities in older mice suffering from Alzheimer’s. The statements have been raised by a team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania. The drug dubbed epothilone, or EpoD, is claimed to have shown positive results during the course of various studies conducted on it to find the essence up to which it can be worth.

Dispute Resolved by Nurses in Victoria

USPSTF Releases Cervical Cancer Screening Recommendations

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