Blood Test to Diagnose Depression , Says Research

Blood-TestAs per a research that appeared in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, it has been revealed that a group of US researchers have found a novel way to detect depression. They have developed a blood test, which they say would become one of the leading ways to diagnose depression among people.

2 Physiotherapists Run To Earn

Jared-KouisTwo young physiotherapists in NSW are going to choose a tough road to raise funds so that they are able to buy a bladder scanner for the Goulburn Base Hospital, NSW. Their target is to raise $15,000, said Xavier Macdonald and Jared Kouis.

Long Working Hours Making One Depress?

Leighton Appeal Denied

Rebecca-LeightonIt has been recently revealed in a report that the nurse, Rebecca Leighton, who had been under scrutiny for the saline contaminated deaths in Stockport, has been denied her appeal that was made against her dismissal from the hospital.

Malaria Deaths on the Decline, Says Report

MalariaIt has been recently revealed in a new report published in the Lancet that the deaths due to malaria are underestimated by huge levels. It has been further said that there has been the death of as many as 1.24 million people due to malaria in the year 2010, as compared to the 655,000 deaths that had been estimated by the World Health Organization.

Touching YouTube Post by a Family

YouTubeIn a recent report it was revealed that in a YouTube video posted by a brave family, there was a daughter seen clipping off the locks of hair from her mother’s head. This was because she was suffering from cancer, and had to lose her hair and become totally bald.

9-Year-Old Maine Girl Happy to Be Back Home

9-Year-Old Maine Girl Happy to Be Back HomeIn a recent report, it has been revealed that Boston doctors have successfully operated on a 9-year-old Maine girl for the world's first known esophageal transplant. The girl now has six new organs: stomach, liver, spleen, small intestine, pancreas and part of her esophagus.

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