Small Girl Suffers Head Injury after Deep Fall

Tomb-BlasterIt has been revealed in a new report that a girl, 4, has got her skull fractured with other severe injuries in the body after she fell from a height of nearly 30ft from a bridge on Thursday.

As per the findings, the young girl Jessica Blake had gone at a theme park so as to take the Tomb Blaster ride at Chessington World of Adventure, Surrey. But, while moving in the queue, waiting for her turn for the ride, she suddenly fell down.

Race for Life at High Wycombe’s Park

Race-for-LifeA recent report has revealed that the annual fundraising Race for Life was held at High Wycombe's Rye Park in which thousands of women participated.

The race was conducted two times, one at 11am and the other at 3pm. Both events saw a large number of volunteers who ran for cancer patients. Also, some volunteers were common in both the events.

N.Y. man who lost sister during surgery didn’t get kidney even after assurance

N.Y. man who lost sister during surgery didn’t get kidney even after assuranceRoberto Medina, an ailing New York City man who lost his sister during kidney donation surgery last week, didn't get a new kidney even after assurance.

Cases of child neglect soars to record levels: NSPCC

Cases of child neglect soars to record levels: NSPCCThe cases of child neglect have doubled over the past two years to hit record levels as hard-pressed parents struggle to pay bills, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said.

According to NSPCC, more than 12,000 cases of child neglect were reported in the last 12 months. Out of the total cases, 8,600 were so serious that the charity had to involve police or social services.

Paul Holmes Likely to Stay In Coma This Weekend

Paul-HolmesIn a recent report, it has been confirmed that Broadcaster Paul Holmes is stable now after an open-heart surgery. It is known and even has been confirmed by Holmes' employer Newstalk ZB that he was put into induced coma after the surgery at Auckland City Hospital earlier this week.

NZ Grapples With Rising Bowel Cancer Cases

Bowel-CancerWhile there is no doubt that bowel cancer has affected many lives, it has been claimed time and again that there is need to spread more awareness about the same. If reports are to be referred, New Zealand is battling with the scar since a long time and has still not been able to address the matter among all the developed countries.

Biosecurity to Conduct Hendra Retest

HendraIt has been found through a recent report that the failure of follow-up tests for Hendra virus has caused the two Queensland properties to remain under quarantine only.

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