Blood Vessels Created in Laboratories

blood-VesselsIt has been reported that a recent research led by an Indian-origin researcher, Dr. Sanjay Sinha, in the UK has successfully created blood vessels in the laboratory. The research took place at the Cambridge University.

Third Monday of January Is Blue Monday

Cardiff-UniversityHave you heard of Blue Monday? If no, then it is important for you to know that today is blue Monday. It is believed that the third Monday of January is depressing for most of the people. There is a psychological reason behind people feeling sad on third Monday of January.

Queensland Govt. Recalls Asbestos Containing Science Kits

Cameron-DickIt has been revealed recently that four Townsville students have found small pieces of asbestos in their science kits. This has raised questions on the Queensland Government which boasts that it has the strictest anti-asbestos rules in the country.

Overdose of Antibiotic Leads To Death of Ten Months Old Boy

Karamia-WheatonAn inquest into the death of a little boy has found that too much dosage of antibiotics led to the death of a boy who was being treated at a Sydney hospital for an eye infection. The family of the boy is extremely angry over the incident and is accusing the medical staff of robbing them of their happiness.

Researchers Find Cause of Epilepsy in Infants

Epilepsy-InfantsIt has been found by a report recently that a group of researchers in Adelaide has discovered the source of epilepsy in infants. The team is of the belief that the finding would be far helpful in diagnosis and screening the risk of the disease.

The Tongue Can Sense Fat

TongueIt has been recently revealed in a report that there is a sort of sixth sense for taste in humans. This is the sense which helps one eat or not avoid a certain type of food.

This tends to detect fat, the most, and makes people steer clear from eating the fatty food. It was further added that those people who do not tend to have this type of sixth sense in them are the ones who tend to put on weight easily.

Scientists in Britain Introduce Dye Spray for Oesophageal Cancer Patients

fluorescentA team of scientists has developed a fluorescent dye spray that would be able to spot cancer of throat at an early stage, a recent report has revealed. It is being said that the spray would help in finding out where the disease is being developed. The development has raised a ray of hope in thousands of oesophageal cancer patients in Britain.

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