Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk of Developing Cancer Again

Childhood-CancerResearchers have come up with a study that states that girls who survive childhood cancer face a higher risk for breast cancer later on in life. This comes as an alarming fact which involves a lot of women. What is more profound is the fact that even lower doses of radiation therapy pose a risk for survivors of childhood cancer. This is a very latest development and it means that more women would now need to be screened at age 25 for breast cancer.

Dr. Granger Working on a Sequel to “The Other Side”

Yorkshire-Cancer-CentreDr. Kate Granger is well known for her book called ‘The Other Side”, in which she told the story of her terminal cancer. From the sales of her book, she raised over £14,000 for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre in Leeds. Now, she is gearing up for the sequel of her first book, which would be called “The Bright Side”.

Hairstylist Battles Cancer, Cuts Her Hair

Doctor Urges Central Medical Registry of the NHL to Be More Open

MedicalThere is a need for openness in the central medical registry of the NHL, which would make it easier for the doctors in it 30 teams to access the records. Moreover it would also ensure that incidents like that of late Derek Boogaard, who manipulated the system for easier access to drugs don’t happen again.

Children Affected by CSG

CSGAccording to a recent report, some children have been suffering chronic headaches and nose bleeds for past three weeks and the same is being linked to two kinds of odours.

The complaints have been made by children’s parents. It is being claimed by them that the odours that have been causing problems to children are probably coming out of toxic gases from coal seam gas wells.

Scientists Develop Goggles That Fool Eaters

GogglesA group of researchers in Japan has found a new technique that would make wearers to eat less as compared to their usual diet.

The team of researchers from the University of Tokyo was aimed at developing devices using computers that befool the human mind.

Trial to Find Out Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfers

EmbryoA trial is being carried out in order to test and find out if replacement of fresh embryos with frozen embryos in IVF procedure would be more advantageous for women, says a report revealed recently.

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