Belfast Trust Faces Severe Penalty over Data Breach

BelfastA recent report showed the heights of carelessness on the part of Belfast Trust which more or less could not maintain the desired security level.

Three-Month-Old Dies, Trial against Parents Continues

Three-Month-Old Dies, Trial against Parents ContinuesIn a shocking revelation, it has been found that a baby has lost his life after he was not taken care of well by his parents. It was shared by Paramedic Frances McIntosh that the baby was spotted with a dirty blanked wrapped around him and that's what made the situation all the more complicated.

Ballieu Government Asks Melbourne Water to return Funds

MelbourneIt seems that the Ballieu government understands its public quite well. It has been recently revealed that the government has asked Melbourne Water to return additional money, which they have charged from Melbourne residents over a period of six months.

Loneliness among Elders Can Be Fatal

LonelinessAn unpleasant feeling in which a person feels a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate levels of social relationships is common in people undergoing some form of depression due to loneliness. Many health experts adjudicated to be people friendly as it helps a person to come out of a bad patch in life.

Pfizer’s Tafamidis Meglumine Rejected by FDA

PfizerPfizer Inc got a big blow when its drug for rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease was declined by the US Food and Drug Administration. The reason quoted for this rejection was that the company did not put forward substantial evidence that would prove the effectiveness of the drug.

Sharp Rise in Youngsters Suffering From Blood-Pressure

Blood-PressureFindings in a recent study have raised concerns over the sharp rise in number of youngsters visiting hospitals for a blood-pressure check-up. It has been revealed that the increase has touched skies, since the past 10-years.

Healthy Gums Can Lead To a Healthy Heart

oral-healthThe importance of oral health is unquestionable. Many health experts adjudicate for routine dental checkups in order to ensure that there are no gum related problems.

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