Emergency Contraceptive Pills Under Fire

Contraceptive PillsA verdict by the US District Judge Ronald Leighton stirred controversy and debate in the country last month, has now been challenged as the health officials have asked the court to take back the verdict.

Last month, the pharmacists were free from selling the emergency contraceptive pills to the consumers on the moral grounds. The decision was taken after critically examining the US Constitution and Regulations.

Doctors Asking Their Patients Out Online

PatientsIt has been revealed in a recent report that there are some doctors who are getting involved in online dating and asking for an outing to their patients. No matter how unprofessional it may sound, some doctors are doing just that.

Pink Slime Not To Be Used By Major Food Chains

Pink-SlimeIt has been recently revealed in a report that the Supervalu, Safeway and Food Lion have collectively announced that they won’t use the fine textured beef that is being used in the meat industry since a very long time. This has been after the recent campaigning being done about the ‘pink slime’ that is in almost all the burgers the country serves.

Balanced Diet is a Key Way to Remain Healthy

Balanced-DietAs per a recent British poll, it has been revealed that an average woman of 45 years of age has been on diet since she was 16. The women do not stick to one diet and keep on changing their diet plan after every 15 days.

Curcumin Prevents Parkinson’s disease

CurcuminTurmeric is known for its medicinal properties and now it one of the compounds that have been found to be averting the clumping of proteins, which can cause Parkinson’s. Recently, a study had been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, which has revealed that curcumin, an active compound found in turmeric, is effective in slowing down the binding of alpha-synuclein proteins, which causes the disease.

Another Private Provider Withdraws From the Contract with Modbury GP plus Super Clinic

GPAccording to sources, the Modbury GP plus Super Clinic has been hit again. The private provider of GPs has withdrawn from the one year contract. This is the second time that the clinic is facing such a problem.

New Findings about HIV/AIDS Challenge the Old Theories

HIV-AIDSAccording to a new research, it has been revealed that till now no one has the proper knowledge regarding HIV, they don’t exactly know how HIV initiates.

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