'Miracle' Baby Now Fine

'Miracle' Baby Now FineIt is not less than a miracle for the family which had almost lost their baby once it was declared dead by medics. However, the killing news ended after six minutes as the doctors managed to bring back the baby.

It would not be wrong to say Kai Clark a miracle baby as he fought with all odds to be with his family now. A lot of the credit must go to Dr. Rich Lyon who made it possible.

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New LG Teaser for 55-Inch OLED TV

LGThere has recently been the launch of more teaser images of the new 55-inche screen OLED screen HDTV by LG. The newest model sure looks enigmatic with the unbelievably large size and clarity levels achieved.

It has an exclusive color refiner technology, with 4 color pixels. This new technology would be able to provide more appropriate colors on the screen and make it an even bigger treat for the eyes.

First Woman Master to Take Over at Holles St

First Woman Master to Take Over at Holles StEurope's busiest maternity hospital got its new master yesterday, and the post has been grabbed by a woman for the first time ever in the history of the hospital.

The maternity hospital of Ireland got Dr. Rhona Mahony as its new head. From now onwards, she will be managing all the scarce resources to efficiently run the maternity hospital.

Cancer Sufferers Prescribed Nearly 10,000 Treatments by Special Funds

Cancer Sufferers Prescribed Nearly 10,000 Treatments by Special FundsCancer cases are severely on a rise, and thus the concerned authorities are trying their best to effectively serve as many patients as they can.

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Now Dial 111 for Health Advice, 999 Only for Emergency

Dial-111-999We are now into 2012, and it seems like the NHS trusts have decided to let bygones be bygones.

It’s certainly time to move on now and when we say move on, it certainly means making things better and better for patients seeking NHS services in moderate to high emergency situations.

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