USDA defends use of "pink slime" in school lunches

USDA defends use of "pink slime" in school lunchesThe US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has defended the use of "pink slime", ammonium-treated beef, in meals for schoolchildren, The Daily reported.

Fast-food chain McDonald's stopped adding ammonium-treated beef into its hamburgers in August last year, after celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and other retractors drew attention to the additive.

Apple Finally Says Goodbye to iWork

Apple Finally Says Goodbye to iWorkApple has finally decided to go away with its free online service for syncing and sharing pages, numbers and keynote documents, "iWork. com". After the success of iCloud, used by many people to store their stuff online, Apple came to the conclusion that it is time to shut down the service started way back in 2009.

Google Chrome Falls Prey to Hackers for the Third Time

Moderate Drinking Good for Women, Say Researchers

DrinkingA study conducted by the researchers of Brigham and Women's Hospital has revealed that moderate drinking prevents the chances of stroke in women. The study was conducted over 84,000 women and was continued for decades.

Gerber Recalling Gerber Good Start Gentle mixture

formula-powderIt has been reported that some of the products of Gerber are being recalled by the manufacturer. A pungent order coming from the infant formula powder has pushed the manufacturer to recall its products from the markets.

Boost the Capacity of Your Brain with Current

NSWIt is a known fact that humans only use 10% of their brain capacity. But, not many are known to the fact that with the advancements in the technology a person can boost this capacity. By attaching a 9-volt battery to the scalp using some electrodes and wet conducting gel, the performance of the brain, in terms of learning rate, can be doubled.

Gorilla Goes Well With Bunny Companion

Gorilla Goes Well With Bunny CompanionAn aged gorilla has been seen enjoying her time with her new friend cum companion bunny. This elderly gorilla, 47-year-old Samantha of Erie Zoo, a northeastern Pennsylvania zoo, had been seen empty of life since her co-partner Rudy, a male gorilla, died long back in 2005.

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