Ballydowd Special Care Unit Receives Criticism

hiqaAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that a vulnerable child was separated from its peers for a significant amount of time period at Ballydowd special care unit in Dublin. The investigation being conducted by the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa) has severely criticized the unit for keeping the child away from his friends for six months.

Bionic Boy Back To His Hometown after the Implant

bionic-eaThe story of Calcum Geary is no less than that of a hero. The three year old boy was born without hearing nerves in his ears which left him deaf for life. But his parents didn’t want him to lead a deaf person’s life which is why they agreed to go for an operation which would implant a special microchip device in his head, aimed at transferring sound messages from his ears to his brain.

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Soon To Be In the List of Cancers for Millennium

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma Soon To Be In the List of Cancers for Millennium A study, being carried out by a team of investigators, emphasizes on tests being carried out on the potential drug, Aurora A kinase inhibitor, MLN8237. This drug is being considered to be able to treat Peripheral T-cell Lymphoma
(PCTL), a sub-type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. These investigators are a part of Millennium, a unit of Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Researchers Suggest Circumcision for Infants

Researchers Suggest Circumcision for InfantsA study conducted by a panel of medics at the Sydney University has revealed that circumcision should be mandated for new born babies.

Health experts have been suggesting that circumcision should be given on a routine basis to infants as it helps in preventing painful conditions and infections. While it helps in averting the same, it equally helps to fight against development of different types of cancer.

Mild Electrical Brain Waves Useful For Treating Chronic Pain, Say Researchers

ElectricalA recent Australian study has found that timid electric waves could prove beneficial for treating depression. It has also been found that timid electric waves can also be used for treating minute body pain.

GP to Participate In Marathon to Raise Awareness

ovarian-cancer-charitySome would find it pretty astonishing, but a doctor has taken up a challenge of running the London marathon in order to raise awareness and funds for an ovarian cancer charity. After her mother was diagnosed with the same condition, she found the importance of such charities, which help many people.

Estrogen Can Help Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

breast-cancerA study which would come as welcome relief for many, has found that women who consume estrogen alone had a lower risk of developing breast cancer which could be delayed up to five years after they stop taking it. Estrogen is a commonly used hormone replacement medicine which many women take after hitting menopause.

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