Authorities Going Edgy over Increasing Severity of New Flu Virus

FDA Nods in Goodwill of New Head Lice Lotion

FDA Nods in Goodwill of New Head Lice LotionWith the aim of easing out the troubles being faced by children due to the pathetic issue of head lice in children, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday gave green light to a prescription-strength liniment that has been especially developed for curing head lice in children as young as six months.

Government Anxious over the Use of Sunscreen

SunscreenAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that “Friends of the Earth” is remembering its Safe Sunscreen Guides following completion on a recently concluded research that has ended up casting a series of suspicion on the concept of nanoparticles content used in almost all well-liked sunscreens.

Smell Threat Forced Authorities to Rush Babies to Safety

Dandenong-HospitalIn an immensely strange and frightening disclosure, it has been revealed recently that a number of sections of a hospital based in Melbourne's south-east had to be evacuated following an incident in which the people in different wards of the hospital were found complaining of a strange chemical smell. Over fears of odd smell, the maternity ward of the hospital was evacuated quickly.

Cancer during Pregnancy Can Now be Cured

PregnancyGiving a sigh of relief to a large number of women all over the world who even fearing from the thought of conceiving because they are suffering from cancer, a recently concluded research, which was carried out by researchers from the London-based University College Hospital, has revealed that women can now be safely undergo treatment for cancer even while they are in their pregnancy days.

NHS Spends Billions to Treat Mental Health Issues

Mental-HealthA report has recently revealed that mental health problems in patients with long-term ailments are causing the NHS to spend a large amount for their care. It has been found that NHS is failing to deal with mental illness problems in patients, which is accounting for increased expenditure for care.

Mental Disorders Linked to Shyness, Depression in Children

DepressionShyness during childhood may well be classified as a form of mental ailment as per fresh but controversial guidelines released by the Government. In this regard, experts have expressed a world of concerns saying that such a reclassification of depression and shyness among kids to mental disorders can prove extremely dicey for their growth and overall development.

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