Cigarettes in Plain Packages May Not Really Make a Difference

CigarettesIn a recent endeavor to bring down the sales of cigarettes, it was announced that they shall be sold in plain packages rather than in their own sparkling and attractive covers.

Johnson & Johnson recalls infant Tylenol

Infant TylenolConsumer healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has confirmed that it was pulling some versions of infant Tylenol off store shelves in the United States due to problems with new design of the bottles.

The company said it would recall all of the 574,000 redesigned bottles of grape-flavored liquid infant Tylenol.

FDA Warns Against Fake Avastin Drugs

FDA Warns Against Fake Avastin DrugsIt was recently revealed in a report that Egypt is being suspected to be the place where fake drugs are being manufactured these days. There are currently investigations underway to determine whether the fake Avastin drug packages were circulated in the market by a supplier from Egypt.

Dioxins in Food, Might Be Harmful

Dioxins in Food, Might Be HarmfulIt has been recently revealed that the Environmental Protection Agency said dioxin might be able to put people to a high risk of immune system problems as well as skin problems. There was however no formal type of health concern warning given about the possible contaminant.

Flu Season Arrives in Missouri

Flu Season Arrives in MissouriAs per reported information, it has been revealed that health officials have recently claimed that the flu season is here at last, and it has here marked the slowest start since the last 25 years or so.

DNA Robot Impose Lethal Gust on Cancer Cells

DNA Robot Impose Lethal Gust on Cancer CellsAs per recent reports, it has come to light that researchers have successfully crafted a robot which has been developed from DNA which can easily be instructed for finding diseased cells in the human body and can therefore effectively deliver a load for slaughtering or reprogramming them accordingly.

What High School Teens Think about Themselves?

TeensHigh school boys apparently fret a lot more than needed when it comes to being too thin, while on the other hand, high school girls tend to panic a great deal on the issue of being too fat, as per a nationwide study which was conducted by researchers from Queen’s University.

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