Chefs Must Be Aware About Side Effects of Sea Salt

Advanced Breast Cancer Drug Eribulin Not Recommended for NHS Use

breast-cancer-drugAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that NICE has nodded against a novel breast cancer drug, dubbed eribulin, for use by NHS on a regular basis.

Green Tea Could Reduce 'Bad' Cholesterol

Green Tea Could Reduce 'Bad' CholesterolWhile there are ways and means to reduce bad cholesterol, here comes green tea doing the same. It has been told by a US team in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Dementia Patient Killed Another with Single Punch

Dementia Patient Killed Another with Single PunchIn a shocking case, it has been told that fight between two aged woman suffering from dementia resulted in the death of one woman. Both the women were in their 80s.

Asbestos Can Be Life-Threatening

Asbestos Can Be Life-ThreateningIn order to protect people from harmful effects of asbestos, the Health and Safety Executive has joined hands with asbestos training industry, who would give free training to all trades people and maintenance workers till November.

Fibre-Rich Food Helps Reduce Chance of Bowel Cancer

Fibre-Rich Food Helps Reduce Chance of Bowel CancerRisk of bowel cancer can be reduced if one takes lots of fibre-rich fruits, vegetables and stays quite regular for his medical screenings along with leading a healthy balanced life.

Bowel Cancer Wales is a charity dedicated to raise awareness and funds. This organization not only raises funds for the treatment of disease, but it also supports those who have been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

NICE Say No to Eisai’s Breast Cancer Drug ‘Halaven’

NICE Say No to Eisai’s Breast Cancer Drug ‘Halaven’Safety and cost have led NICE to not allow the use of Eisai's novel breast cancer drug Halaven (eribulin).

NICE made it clear in its report in which it affirmed that they are not allowing those breast cancer patients, who have been suffering from metastatic breast cancer and their disease has progressed even after two chemotherapeutic regimens.

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