Rising Demand For Organ Donors

Organ-DonorsWhile there is no doubt that organ donation is a noble cause which can change one’s life forever, and that’s what has caused for calls being made for selfless people to come forward to do the same. it was in the year 2007 that the first altruistic donation in the UK happened and since then, people have been urged to extend help to the sufferers.

New Book to Launch for Military Kids

Military-KidsA report has revealed recently that a new book is to be launched, which focuses at helping mentally ill children from military families.

The report says that the book is being written by a collaboration of the Department of National Defence and Iris the Dragon. The later is a charity based near Ottawa, which works on books for children to learn about mental health issues.

Nova Scotia Doctors Handed Over Guides to Treat Opioid Addiction

Nova-Scotia-DoctorsAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that now Nova Scotia doctors now have a way out to tackle problem of opioid addiction. It has been reported that the doctors have been assisted with guide to help them treat people, who have an addiction of the drug.

Health Services Chose Tablet Computers for Children to Watch Movies during Their Radiation Therapy

Tom-Baker-Cancer-CentreAs per recent reports, it has been exclaimed that a few of Calgary’s youngest cancer patients have chose to opt for watching cartoons while they undergo their radiation therapy, instead of choosing out sedation drugs.

Killer Whales in Pacific Northwest Declining

Killer-WhalesA group of researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle has found through a study that southern resident killer whales in the Pacific Northwest have been struggling and continuously declining, as per a recent report.

On finding the same, the team studied the hormone levels in marine mammals and tried to find the reason behind decline in killer orcas’ populations.

Misleading Labels in Contraceptive Pills

morning-after-pillsA new report claims that widely used morning-after pills and drugs for pregnancy prevention contain labels that do not even hint at what science has proved.

It has been found by a team of surveyors at the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists that labels saying that fertilized eggs would be blocked from implanting in a woman's uterus are misleading.

Women Demand Inquiry into PIP Implants

PIP-ImplantsIt has been found through a recent report that women who had received now outdated faulty breast implants have decided to meet Health Secretary so as to urge him to conduct a public inquiry into the issue.

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