Smear Tests increases Probability of Cancer Survival

Exercise More to keep Your Brain Sharper

ExerciseExercising benefits are known to all and here comes one more in the list suggesting that people must exercise at least for half an hour a day if they want to sharpen their mind.

TAVI to Treat Heart Patients in India

TAVIMedical professionals have recently given a new hope of life to all those heart patients in India, who couldn’t undergo open chest surgery due to ageing factors or any other complication.

Schmallenberg Virus in England, Sheep and Cows in Danger

Schmallenberg Virus in England, Sheep and Cows in DangerIn England, experts have detected the outbreak of Schmallenberg virus all around. This lethal virus tends to directly hit cows and sheep with severe deformities and diseases. According to experts, it is expected to spread with a fast pace throughout the year.

Doctor Arrested After Death of Three Patients

Doctor Arrested After Death of Three PatientsA Doctor has been arrested on the suspicion of three counts of murder after a complaint was filed in the death of three patients because of the overdose of drugs she prescribed. The California Medical Board investigators arrested the 42- year- old Hsiu-Ying "Lisa" Tseng for a second degree murder of three young men in their 20s.

Anti-clot Drug Delayed

DrugIt seems that medical professionals in the industry have to wait a bit more for the new anti-clotting drug (in big talks these days) because a delay by the U. S. regulators in deciding over the proposed drug manufactured from Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Pfizer Inc. has pushed the date by three months to June 28.

Higher Consumption of Trans-fats Risky for Postmenopausal Women

Trans-fatsTrans-fats have always remained in discussion for their adverse affect upon a person’s health. The new additions in the same list are the findings of a recent study, which are suggesting that consumption of trans-fatty foods in higher quantities can severely affect the health of the postmenopausal women.

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