UNAIDS Expects HIV Infections to Come Down Further

AIDS-HIVIt seems that the rising rate of awareness for AIDS has paid rightly as it has been told that the number of AIDS-related deaths in 2010 have come down considerably. With the new infections coming down, there is belief that more and more people are now getting aware about the consequences of AIDS, which could be seen as a transition from what has been seen so far.

Dog Owner Doubts Carbon Monoxide Poisoning behind Dogs’ Death

dogsA case of two dogs dying after inhaling suspected carbon monoxide on the Spirit of Tasmania at the weekend has been getting the attention of one and all. It was told by Melbourne dog owner that on Saturday morning, her both the dogs were found dead. The dogs were told to have been sleeping in her four-wheel drive for the Friday night journey across Bass Strait from Melbourne to Devonport.

Deep Brain Stimulation Can Fix Parkinson’s Disease

ParkinsonsIs there any cure found for Parkinson’s disease? Perhaps there is hope. A recent case of a 59-year-old man from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu, who has been suffering from Parkinson's from the last 15 years, has been capturing the interest of medical fraternity across the world.

Professor Graeme Clark Receives an Award of $50,000

Graeme-Clark"Professor Clark had a winning idea and took it through a tortuous scientific and regulatory path to create a device that has transformed the lives of people around the world”, said Dr. Andrew Cuthbertson, the Chief Scientist of the CSL Company while commenting on an event where Professor Graeme Clark has received an award of $50,000 for playing a major role in the invention of the bionic ear.

Charity Calls for Government Intervention in Temporary Housing

Shelter-Scotland.In a recent report, warning has been given for thousands of children before Christmas is hit. There are significant health risks attached for those who are living in substandard living.

If report from the charity, Shelter Scotland, is to be believed there are as many as 60 children in Scotland who are made homeless every day. Even last year, the figure was at 22,000 and it’s expected to rise in the time to come.

FDA Probes Safety of New Type of Stent

Boston-Scientific-CorpThe U. S. Food and Drug Administration has come out to investigate the actual problem in some of the new stents used during an angioplasty procedure. There were some reports which indicated that in some of the most commonly used stents, overall length of the device get changed after the plantation.

Worst Conditions for Mental Health Patients

Queen-Mary-UniversityConditions are really disturbing for the mental patients but they become worst for the ones, who opt for acute mental health services.

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