New Algorithm to Judge Your Smile

SmileIt has been recently revealed in a report that a new computer algorithm will be able to find out if the smile you are posing with, is genuine or not. This has been discovered by a team of researchers from the MIT. They are of the view that this new computer system shall be soon able to locate the difference between a real and a fake smile.

Authorities and Hospitals Prepare Themselves for Celebrations

ukWith the coming of Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Olympics and European football championships in the coming months, the authorities are bracing themselves to tackle surge in alcohol-related incidents.

Concerns Raised Over Condition of Care System

Concerns Raised Over Condition of Care SystemHealth Service Executive (HSE) has now come out and admitted the fact that its front line services are under a lot of pressure. This announcement comes in wake of a report that suggests that over 46 children have died since the start of 2010 which includes 13 in the first four months of this year.

Children Hospital at James Will be Beneficial

Children Hospital at James Will be BeneficialIt will not only benefit staff, but patients, will also be greatly benefited by the development of new national children's hospital at St James's Hospital in Dublin. It is said that from the treatment of simple burn to treating cancer, will be available at one place.

Blood Lead Levels among Children at Port Perie on Rise

NyrstarNyrstar is an integrated mining and metals business with market leading positions in zinc and lead, and growing positions in other base and precious metals. This month it has been under the cloud of controversies with lot of unsavory news coming out regarding the company.

Colour Your Nails, Cheer Your Mood!

NailsResearch has revealed a new way of relieving stress and feel light, says a new report. A wide range of nail-paints is being provided by Bloom Professional Nail Polish, which would do a great deal in making one feel good.

New Test for Breast Cancer Patients to Kick Chemo

Breast CancerA team from the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre has revealed recently that breast cancer patients now do not need to worry as a new test can determine whether or not the disease will recur after treatment.

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