Dementia sufferers to get more care

Dementia sufferers to get more careThe Scottish ministers published on the eight point blueprint that many nursing homes and hospitals depended a lot on the usage of antipsychotic medications to control the patients that suffered.

Instead of the patients being forced into joining home cares, it was also suggested that more patients should stay home and must be given a lot of support. Dementia hits at least 71,000 people in Scotland with about 2300 people hanging under the age of 65.

Due the the country’s population that is ageing, this problems just seems to get worse.

Charity alzeimers says that this condition takes up 1.7 billion euros per year and another 300 to 300 billion for services of health.

The minister for Scottish public health, Shona Robinson said “The dementia strategy sets out plans to develop our first-ever national standards of care for people with dementia, ensuring they not only receive the best clinical care but are treated with respect and dignity. We have to do things differently, and this strategy is an important step on a very long road. We want a new era of respect, dignity and self-determination for people with dementia.”

The first strategy to be launched by Scotland to deal with dementia is taking place on Tuesday.

The basic aim is to bring into place the standards of national care and acquire the required support for research on dementia.

The strategy includes necessary steps that are required to improve the treatments for the people with dementia and to also improve the standards of care.