Samsung is expected to soon launch a high-end Chromebook --- ‘Chromebook Pro’

South Korean device maker Samsung is expected to launch a 'premium' Chromebook device soon. The forthcoming high-end Chromebook from Samsung is called 'Chromebook Pro.' The device was previously codenamed as Kevin.

Rumors about Samsung developing an upscale Chromebook have been making rounds for the past few months, though the apparently upcoming launch of the Chromebook Pro device has not been officially confirmed by the company as yet.

Nonetheless, in an evident substantiation of the rumors, the 'Samsung Chromebook Pro' was recently listed on some websites -- including B&H and Adorama -- and leaked images of the device were also published online by Chrome Unboxed.

Going by a now-taken-down B&H listing, the Samsung Chromebook Pro was scheduled to become available for purchase with effect from October 24; likely to be priced at $499. However, since that listing has now been removed, it is possible that the launch date of the Chromebook Pro might change.

According to rumors, the 2.38-pound Samsung Chromebook Pro will boast a number of impressive features, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen with a 360-degree hinge and 2,400-by-1600 resolution; 4GB of RAM; a stylus; slim screen bezels; 32GB of onboard storage capacity; and 10 hours of battery life.