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Consumers, experts criticize FCC’s reported new rules to allow a fast lane for data-heavy servicesWith recent reports revealing that the new rules to be published by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in May will possible allow a fast lane for data-heavy services, a number of consumers have apparently been outraged.

According to the critics of the reported move being considered by the FCC, new rules to permit providers to charge more for access to an online fast lane will essentially mark a violation of the so-called 'Net Neutrality' principle which stresses on equal treatment to all Internet traffic.

In opposing the FCC's reported move with regard to new rules, many consumers are infuriated because of the imminent end of open communication, the potential increase in access costs, and impact on streaming episodes of their favorite shows.

Already, insatiable demand for streaming content has choked US networks; thereby prompting Internet service providers (ISPs) to spread the cost of upgraded service to content providers like Netflix. Experts believe that if the increasing costs are passed down to consumers, Internet piracy may appear to be an appealing option for consumers who are accustomed to cheaper access.

Projecting such a situation, Allen Hammond - director of the Broadband Institute of California - said that there is "a real possibility that you will price some people out of the market for legitimate programming and into a market for ill-gotten programming because it will just cost too much or it will become clear they can pay a lot less for it."