WSJ: Apple, Google trying to woo developers for exclusivity on games

Apple-GoogleThe Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that tech giants Apple and Google are making attempts to entice game developers to ensure that top game titles are first launched on devices powered by their respective operating systems --- iOS and Android OS.

According to the WSJ report, citing unidentified sources, Apple and Google are apparently promising top-notch game developers a prominent placement in their home pages and features lists of their app stores - the App Store and Google Play respectively - in lieu of exclusivity of game apps for specific periods.

The report has revealed that Apple has signed agreements with EA and ZeptoLab for exclusivity on 'Plants Vs. Zombies 2' and 'Cut the Rope' respectively. In exchange of the exclusivity, Apple will feature the games prominently in its App Store.

Google, on the other hand, has reportedly inked a number of agreements of its own. One of these agreements marks a deal with developer Game Insight. Under the deal, the developer will offer a markdown on in-game items shaped like the Android mascot; and will, in return, get highlighted in a special section of the Google Play store.

The WSJ report has also revealed that, other than Apple and Google, bigwig online retailer Amazon is also working with game developers, in an effort to work out game-exclusivity deals and enhance the appeal of its Android-powered Kindle Fire tablets.