Apple and Samsung battling over Patents

Apple-SamsungThe smartphone manufacturers, Apple and Samsung have been battling legal fights over patent. Last month, the court in the US announced Samsung guilty for infringing the patents of Apple. While announcing the verdict, the court asked Samsung to pay a penalty of $1 billion.

However, it seems like Apple is not happy with the verdict as it has asked the court to increase the penalty by $707 million. At one side Apple is asking for increase while Samsung has approached the court asking to reduce the penalty.

Apple has explained that Samsung should be further penalized for design infringement of $400 million, utility infringement of $135 million, supplemental damages of $135 million and prejudgment interest damages of $50 million.

Besides, Apple has also asked the authorities to bring a ban over the sales of Galaxy S III smartphone. The court has not yet commented upon the plea of Apple. Samsun on the other side is asking for yet another trail. The Smartphone manufacturer said, “The Court's constraints on trial time... and prevented Samsung from presenting a full and fair case in response to Apple's many claims requests that the Court grant a new trial enabling adequate time and even-handed treatment of the parties”.