Jury to Take Final Decision Regarding Patent War between Apple and Samsung

Apple-SamsungThe final decision regarding the patent battle between Apple and Samsung is now to be taken by a nine-member California jury. The case, which has been continuing since the beginning of the month, has brought world’s renowned electronic manufacturers against one another.

As per decision ruled out by the jury, the companies may even have to pay compensation costing in billions of dollars.

The case is being fought over the patents of the appearance and touch of the iPhone and iPad and a few icons, which are demonstrated on the home screens of the gadgets. Both the companies are fighting several legal cases over the issue.

The last argument session between the lawyers for Apple and Samsung in front of the jury was witnessed Tuesday afternoon. The session lasted for 75 minutes.

Apple lawyer Harold McElhinny made assessments of the hundreds of pages provided as evidences, supporting the fact that the patents belonged to their company. On the other hand, Samsung concluded that the evidences, were simply iPhone knock-offs.

McElhinny said, “In 2007, Steve Jobs shocked the phone world. A four-year effort had paid off. Apple turned over its future to designers and they came up with the iPhone”.