Lyme disease Might Come Early This Year

Lyme disease Might Come Early This YearIt has been recently revealed in a report that this year, the Lyme disease might tend to have an early start. The reason for the same was stated to be the unusually seen warm weather. This was revealed by the Public Health Department from the Hunterdon County. They are of the view that the prime carriers of this disease are deer ticks. It is possible that these ticks become active earlier this year. This might result in the early onset of the disease this year. There is need for precautions to be made by one and all for the prevention of the same in the near future.

The Lyme disease might be at its peak by May this year and people shall need to safeguard themselves against ticks.

“This year is shaping up to be quite different. We're urging everyone to step up their personal prevention efforts earlier. Check for ticks and remove them promptly”, revealed Division Manager Tadgh Rainey.

There is need for better awareness to be spread among people to keep safe from ticks so that they don’t fall prey to Lyme disease in the time to come. It remains to be seen how well these efforts shape up and how much this disease spreads in the upcoming season.