Women Health Issues Being Opposed

Women Health Issues Being Opposed The election time is approaching, both the Democrats and the Republicans have been waiting for the time since long, and finally that day is about to appear soon.

However, apart from all other issues, the major issue that has been raised to high levels this year is concerned with the health issues of the women. It has been illustrated that the topics like abortion and contraception have been much in discussions since long.

If checked out the previous reports regarding the issue, one can easily witness the incidents when the issue was flared-up, including the Komen Fund/Planned Parenthood controversy, the comments of Rush Limbaugh about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke and the debate over the implications of the Affordable Care Act.

Director of the Women’s Center Steph Gauchel stated that such issues have been raised even before, they are not new. She exaggerated that the politicians and even the media has persistently assaulted the rights of women. She affirmed that women should have the right to take their decisions themselves, regarding their health, privacy and bodies.

Moreover, she stated that the Georgetown’s national insurance coverage for contraceptives lacked the basic amenities. The health insurance was not able to cover the birth control properly. She said, “Contraception is basic health care”.

On the other hand, Sophomore Aliza Gordon, President of Tufts Voices for Choice (VOX) stated that the reform predicts that the government is being biased with the women of America. VOX is a student organization that stands for the reproductive rights of women and is also associated with Planned Parenthood.

She said, “People that need basic medical care, want their birth control covered, are being called sluts on a national level and are being told that they’re asking people to pay for their sex”.

She emphasized that the reform is instead doing negative in case of women’s health.