Asbestos Material Illegally Imported By Foreign Ships in Australia

AsbestosAs per the recent reports, it has been discovered that the ships from outside Australia are carrying vessels that are containing asbestos. Moreover, the foreign registered ships are claiming that the vessels including the tugs are asbestos free. They are rather, having fake documents to show as proof.

However, the issue has raised a concern for all those Australian maritime workers employed on these ships. The Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers has already notified that the lives of these nautical workers in under threat.

The reports put forth by the institution shows that the International Maritime Organization has already addressed that amounts of asbestos has been found in the ship’s fire blankets, wall and ceiling coverings, insulation materials and fuses.

According to the Federal laws, which were imposed in 2005, the ships were not allowed to carry any vessel or any material containing asbestos. But as per the findings of the institute, the ships are carrying materials containing asbestos; moreover, they are also carrying bogus certificates, depicting there materials are free of asbestos.

The findings have been brought forward after an investigation was conducted by the Australian authorities. They discovered that the vessels brought in from other countries were containing asbestos.

The same issue was put forth last year even. The institute's Assistant Federal Secretary, Martin Byrne, brought the issue into limelight and even discussed it with Seacare Authority and Australian Maritime Safety Authority. He emphasized that the workers, who are working on board for 24 hours and 7 days have a great risk to their lives.

Moreover, reports provided by the Environment Protection Authority have revealed that tones of asbestos are being handled carelessly, which is posing threat to the lives of future generation. Nevertheless, about one-third of asbestos material is dumped illegally.

The reports have been put forth the Federal Government, which is expected to start the inquiry by June.