Hackers Continue To Target Chinese Sites

ChineseAn anonymous hacker group has informed AFP through an e-mail that it would continue to hack Chinese sites, a report has unveiled recently.

The report has found that numerous sites of China were hacked previously. The sites were not working properly since long. However, early Friday, many of those sites were found to be working normally.

Some of them were still carrying error messages, including that for the ruling Communist Party in the southern city of Hezhou, the report says. Anonymous has told the AFP that 300 more sites have been targeted by them this week. Besides, it has been told that messages were also posted to Chinese people as well as the government.

A message from these read, “To the Chinese people: your government controls the internet in your country and tries to filter what he sees as a threat to him", finds the report.

Since China is the most populated with half a billion users, when it comes to online usage, it is largely being the target of the group. Nonetheless, government is making huge efforts to control the web by using sophisticated censorship system called ‘Great Firewall’.