Beware of That Mouse!

MouseDo you know that mouse that you’re operating for scrolling pages is actually infected? A recent study has found that a mouse attached to the computer has more germs as compared to the toilet seat. The comparison might make you say eww! But it’s true.

The study was conducted by the researchers of Initial Washroom Hygiene. The researchers have noted that workers while working tend to eat lots of junk food and soft drink and later on use the computer mouse and make it dirty.

In some cases, it has been found that the computer mouse isn’t cleaned for days which lead to accumulation of germs on the mouse. It has further been informed that as compared to female workers, male workers tend to eat on their desk making the desk home of germs.

Besides mouse, keyboards have also been found of second grubbiest item in the office as it also contains millions of germs lurking beneath the keys of the keyboard. These germs are although not visible to naked eyes, they can cause a number of health problems like stomach infection. It is hoped that the findings would help workers in maintaining hygiene at the workplace by cleaning their computer mouse and keyboards.