Is There an End to Apple-Samsung Patent Tussle?

AppleIs there an end to the patent war going between Apple and Samsung? Perhaps, the future holds the answer as Top executives at Apple and Samsung have recently talked about their recent patent settlement.

It was last year when Apple had filed a lawsuit against Samsung in a US court, thereby alleging that the Korean maker’s smartphones and Galaxy line of tablet computers have challenged Apple’s patent and trademark. Furthermore, the case didn’t’ resolved and Samsung countersued Apple, which made the battle between the two biggies a lot messier than expected.

“Apple CEO Tim Cook does not seem to share his predecessor’s passion about laying all foes to waste. Cook appears to view litigation as a necessary evil, not a vehicle of cosmic revenge”, said Xinhua.

This is not for the first time when Apple had filed a suit, as it had same issues with other manufacturers like HTC and Motorola Mobility, but nothing confirmed has come out of it yet.

There is need for some sort of solution to be devised to the long running patent fights which are reported to consume a considerable amount of fees and distraction.

It would be interesting to see how Apple's Tim Cook, after being rated as the top tech CEO according to a survey from the career website Glassdoor. com, is able to manage the legal battle.