Congress Requests Tim Cook to Brief Them on Privacy Protocols of the Company

Tim-CookMembers of the US congress subcommittee have written a letter to the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, asking him to send a representative of the company to Washington for briefing the government officials on the privacy protocols being taken by the company to protect the personal information stored in their iOS devices.

Although Tim Cook had earlier send a letter describing all the protocols in place, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce found the response to be insufficient and that it did not answer a number of questions that were raised by the committee.

There have been concerns over certain iOS apps that have access to the photos as well as other resources in the phone, which could reveal the identity of its users. These concerns come in the wake of the FTC investigation which disclosed a loophole that allowed certain apps to upload the photos without asking for any permission. As the photos were geo-tagged, it is really easy to track and identify the user.

This is not the first security concern that has risen for iOS users. Earlier, a social networking app called “Path” was found uploading all the information from the phone’s address book to its server without the knowledge or permission of user. After this vulnerability was found, Path had to change the permission of its App and apple also followed suit and changed the way application could work in the iOS ecosystem by adding a necessary feature of asking permission before accessing any resource of the phone.

But after all, these measure, the congressmen are still not satisfied and asking that an official presentation should be given to them, showing what the company has done in order to protect the privacy of its customers.