Apple Improves Working Environment

Apple Improves Working EnvironmentIt has been uncovered in a recent report that after facing the criticism from its customers for poor working conditions provided to workers, Apple has now started to take the matter of working conditions very seriously.

Tim Cook, who is the CEO of the company, has claimed at a conference the previous day that it has been and would be caring for each of its worker, whether in Europe or Asia. He said that they understand the importance of working conditions at granular levels, but the condition of workers was due to an obviously complex supply chain.

The CEO has also told the reporters that from now, their priority would be to eliminate underage workers. Also, if any underage worker is hired by a supplier intentionally, it would be considered as a firing offence by the company.

As per the report findings, Foxconn and Apple both were accused of providing bad working environment to their workers anywhere across the world. Both of the firms had also faced suicide scandals in the past. It is being said that Cook claimed that no one other than Apple has been endeavouring so hard to enhance their working conditions.

Also, Apple appealed to the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to quality check Foxconn's factories too, in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China since it has been found that Foxconn always claims that it provides best environment to its workers. However, the audits had already begun, as per the report.

"Our commitment is simple: every worker has the right to a fair and safe work environment, free of discrimination, where they can earn competitive wages and they can voice their concerns freely", adds Tim Cook.