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Westmead Hospital gets $5 million boost

Westmead Hospital gets $5 million boostTuesday's NSW plan will hold $5 million to begin plans for a $1 billion redevelopment of Westmead Hospital, the legislature has advertised.

Yet the Health Minister Jillian Skinner has guaranteed to stay away from the slip-ups that have tormented the redevelopment of Royal North Shore clinic, saying more than 1000 clinicians and wellbeing specialists have as of now been counseled.

Patient Accuses St Vincent's hospital’s Staff of ill Treatment

St-Vincent-hospitalIt has been alleged that a staff member from St Vincent's hospital, Sydney, asked an 89-year-old patient to urinate in her clothes when she asked for a bedpan. The hospital spokesman was of the view that they have been taking the allegations quite seriously.

Parents against Nestle Baby Formula

NestleExperts are really not understanding why did the NSW Food Authority cleared the new baby formula from Nestle this month despite hearing several parents complaining that the formulae occurred rashes over their baby’s skin and made them suffer from diarrhea.

Car Park Construction Work Begins at Maitland

Jillian-SkinnerIt has been revealed in an up-to-date report that the NSW government has decided to invest a huge sum of $100 million towards construction or improvements of car parks at hospitals in Florida.

The NSW has told that hospitals in urgent needs of the same would now not need to worry. The multi-million dollar plan would definitely eradicate the problem of parking spaces, thereby causing less mess.

NSW Hospitals Focus on Patients’ Health

hygieneA new report has uncovered excellent results about hospitals across NSW in terms of health and hygiene of patients. It has been found that hospitals have committed further safety and health of patients too.

Outdoor Smoking Ban in NSW by 2015

Outdoor Smoking Ban in NSW by 2015 As per reports, it has been revealed that outdoor smoking ban will be effective in New South Wales by March 2015. The Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, said that the decision is taken to bring a decline in the number of first hand and second hand smokers.

Smoking to Be Banned In a Number of Public Areas

SmokingIn a recent report, it has been revealed that the NSW Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, has put across new rules for limiting the smoking habits of people. It is actually sad to see people suffering for other’s habits.

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