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Full list of FNC voters indicates wider public participation

Federal National Council (FNC) elections, scheduled for September 24 this year, are likely to register huge turnout with rise in electoral rolls.

More than 129,000 Emiratis are eligible to cast their votes during the forthcoming elections in which the right to elect members of the Federal National Council (FNC) was extended to almost 20 times those enfranchised in 2006 elections.

'Saudization' set to hit OFWs

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are preferring saying in Saudi Arabia during their vacation period following Saudi Arabia’s move to stamp “exit only” on their passports.

It is to be noted here that Saudi Arabian immigration authorities have stamped “exit only” on the passports of workers who recently returned to the country.

Success Does Not Mean One Can Be Complacent

Success Does Not Mean One Can Be ComplacentAccording to a Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) report, it is estimated almost three-quarters of a million children in 34 African countries have been saved by using insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs), indoor residual spraying, effective medicines and preventive treatment during pregnancy, in the past ten years.

Australian Government to Establish 10 New Headspace Mental Health Service Centers

Australian Government to Establish 10 New Headspace Mental Health Service CentersThe Mental Health Minister, Mark Butler, has praised the government for its announcement of 10 new sites in order to establish the headspace youth mental health service centers which are expected to be operational by the end of the year.

Japan’ Nikkei Ends Monday's Trading Session in the Red with Minor Loss

The Senior Investment Strategist at Mitsubishi, Norihiro Fujito, stated that “the market will stay trapped in its recent range until the earnings season kicks off early” and traders are looking for early signs regarding the global supply chain in U.S corporate results which will be revealed before the Japanese earnings.

Behind the scenes at Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge HQ

It is nothing less than spectacular that the staff of the ongoing Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge has done. The event took place in UAE's Western Region and the toughest job was to provide shelter to almost 600 people in the middle of a desert.

Pirates release MV Arrilah-1

MV Arrilah-1, the bulk carrier has been freed by the pirates who had hijacked it sometime back. The ship finally reached the shores of Mina Zayed.

Once the arrival took place, both the vessel and its crew were shifted under the protection of special operation unit. Besides that the ten pirates who have surrendered themselves were handed over to the Ministry of Interior and now a case is going to be done on their name.

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