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24-hour News Channel Sky News Arabia launched in Abu Dhabi

Sky NewsAbu Dhabi Media and BSkyB joint venture Sky News Arabia kicked off with 24-hour Arabic news channel.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Sky News Arabia will compete with Al-Jazeera and Dubai based Al-Arabiya.

Sky News Arabia Chairman Sultan Ahmed al-Jaber said that the region needs more coverage and with rising number of subscribers in the region, the timing to launch a new channel seems perfect.

Study Suggests Obesity Link To Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study Suggests Obesity Link To Rheumatoid Arthritis A new study has suggested that obesity can lead exaggerate the risk for rheumatoid arthritis, which more has pronounced effects in obese women.

The study, which was conducted at Mayo Clinic from 1985 to 2007, affirmed that Rheumatoid arthritis affects about 1.3 million Americans. Moreover, the condition can be due to both genetic and environmental factors.

Wash Your Hands Well!

Wash Your Hands Well!It has been recently revealed in a report that today is the world hand hygiene day and this is the time to make more and more people aware about the need for washing their hands better.

Hands are the prime germ carriers in the body and this is why one must make it a point to take good care that they clean their hands well.

Control Blood Pressure and Stay Healthy

Control Blood Pressure and Stay HealthyIt has been recently revealed in a report that high blood pressure levels might be the start of a number of ailments in the body of a person. This is why there is need for efforts to e made to understand these risk factors and manage them properly.

School And Happiness Can't Be Linked

School And Happiness Can't Be Linked It has been recently revealed in a report that the link between school and happiness isn't fully justified. The research conducted by a team is of the view that though studying too much might help one in becoming more knowledgeable and smart; it won't tend to have any positive effect on the happiness of a person. There are many people in the world who are very happy with their lives, even after not having gone to school ever.

Seven Of Nine Tagged Kea Killed In Okarito Kiwi 1080 Drop

According to the estimate of experts, less than one thousand of the endangered kea are left on earth, of which five were reportedly shot by a disturbed gunman, recently.
Appalled by this sort of behavior, the Department of Conservation (DoC) said the matter had been referred to the New Zealand police.  As many New Zealanders would likely agree, the officials of the department said all five of the animals were young and healthy and would have gone on to contribute to future generations of the species.

FNC campaigning begins

Campaign for the Federal National Council elections is all set to start on Sunday. The National Election Commission (NEC) urged all those engaged in poll activities to abide by all the rules and regulation for avoiding unnecessary embarrassment.

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