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Technology Site’s Owner Discusses How Cyber attack into Apple and Facebook Happened

apple-facebookOwner of iPhonedevsdk, Ian Sefferman, asserted that the cyber-attack that ended on January 30, 2013 was caused by the vulnerability in a Java plug-in.

He discussed the details of how the cyber attack happened which breached into security of a number of personal accounts of users. The attack breached the security of employees’ computers at Apple and Facebook.

Former Rocket Engineer to Visit Mars on a Private Tour in 2018

MarsAccording to recent reports, Dennis Tito, the first paying passenger to visit International Space Station in 2001, is now planning to visit Mars in a privately backed mission.

Tito, who was a rocket engineer, is looking forward to a 501 mission to Mars in 2012. More details over the mission are expected to be released in a Washington News conference next week. The news came out in media advisory through SpaceRef website on Wednesday.

Buzz Aldrin arrives in Edinburgh

Buzz AldrinApollo mission astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was the second human to step on the surface of the moon, arrived in the UK for a private event.

One of mankind’s greatest legends, however, arrived eight hours late at Edinburgh Waverley after his flight from Heathrow was delayed due to snow. The 82-year-old arrived at the Scottish city and was immediately taken away on a Rolls- Royce to address a private event.

U.S. Department of Justice Investigates HP’s Autonomy Unit

U.S. Department of Justice Investigates HP’s Autonomy UnitThe US Department of Justice is investigating Hewlett-Packard’s (HP) Autonomy unit, as reported on Thursday.

The HP, November, said that it suffered a fraud in accounting that was related to $11.1 billion acquisition of British software specialist Autonomy. The company is almost silent on the matter and is expected that it has nothing more to say about the Autonomy deal in 2013.

Three Sessions More to Go for TribeFIT

Three Sessions More to Go for TribeFITIt’s been 5 weeks when the fitness sessions began under the name TribeFIT to help people achieve their desired fitness levels.

The sessions were held for three days every week. In the beginning, the people receiving the benefits found the sessions to be a little fun but gradually after few sessions they went upon pondering if they could really survive the whole 18 sessions.

Antibiotics Misuse Decreases by Six Percent in China

Antibiotics Misuse Decreases by Six Percent in ChinaAs reported by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the misuse of antibiotics in China decreased by about six percent between 2008 and 2011.

Hospitals closing wards to visitors to prevent spread of norovirus infection

Hospitals closing wards to visitors to prevent spread of norovirus infectionWith the outbreak of the winter vomiting bug – norovirus - sweeping Britain, the country’s hospitals are trying to check the spread of the norovirus infection by disallowing the visitors to visit the wards.

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