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The highest Worldwide grossing films of all time

The highest Worldwide grossing films of all timeRecent years have seen record audiences attracted to the movies by big stars and blockbuster movies – all in spite of the fact that there are many more ways to watch films now –even on mobile phones. But, actually, nothing can quite match the shared experience of watching a great story unfold on the big screen.

Abu Dhabi’s Sky Scrapers the Main Shooting Ground for Fast and Furious

Abu Dhabi’s Sky Scrapers the Main Shooting Ground for Fast and FuriousAbu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE is mainly a business centre just like its neighboring city Dubai. It represents the face of the Middle East which is different from what is seen on the news.

Seventy Musicians Audition to get Approval to Play in NYC Subway Stations

Seventy Musicians Audition to get Approval to Play in NYC Subway StationsAlthough, street musicians in the New York City bring much joy to the listeners, yet everyone does not get a chance to play in the subway stations of New York City.

A large number of musicians played a number of instruments in front of a panel of judges auditioning for approval of official which will give them a chance to showcase their talents in the subways of New York City.

For investor Geldof It Is Boom time

Bob GeldofBob Geldof has shared in a _6.4million bonus from the TV firm behind reality show Survivor.

The outspoken Dub got a payout of around _2.13million from his one-third share in Castaway Television Productions Ltd in the 12 months to the end of March 2013.

Last year Bob Geldof had shared more than _6m in dividends from the TV firm behind the reality TV show 'Survivor'.

Victoria Beckham is Happier after David Took a Leave from Soccer

Victoria-BeckhamFrom the time when David has taken a leave from soccer, Victoria Beckham is happier than ever. Victoria Beckham, a fashion designer, feels more comfortable as she is now able to spend more time with her husband. Moreover, she says that she is no more concerned about who will take care of her children. The couple has three sons and a daughter.

Crazy Fan’s Crazy Pull off Stage Shocks Beyonce

Beyonce-KnowlesHow much crazy a fan could go is clear from an incident that has lately been faced by Beyonce, the popular American singer and actress.

The report claims that Beyonce must have realized an eventful world tour. Since, her accidental duet with Joe McElderry was disrupted when she got smacked by a more-than-eager guy. Her hair got trapped in a fan amid the episode

Simon Cowell Sings on ‘X Factor’

News 80  Simon Cowell Sings on ‘X Factor’Simon Cowell began his career among thrilling singers, but after a long time he sang in X Factor’s second night of premiere week in Denver, New York.

He sang so beautifully that his voice made whole youth cry on screen. Viewers got to hear his melodious voice after three seasons of X Factor and nine seasons of American Idol.

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