Teva Gets Green Signal to Acquire Actavis with Divestiture of Seventy Nine Existing and Future Drugs

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd got a green signal from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to buy Actavis Inc, Allergan Plc's generic drug-making unit for $40.5 billion as the companies agreed to divest seventy nine existing and future drugs. That includes antibiotics, weight-loss drugs, anesthetics as well as oral contraceptives. They are used in ADHD treatments, treatments for allergies, arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, mental illness, pain, Parkinson's disease and respiratory, skin and sleep disorders and others.

Advocacy Group Writes Letter to FTC for Blocking Teva and Mylan Merger Deal

Advocacy Group Writes Letter to FTC for Blocking Teva and Mylan Merger DealA deal of Teva Pharmaceuticals, buying Mylan Laboratories has still not been finalized but many of the advocacy groups are apprehensive of a merger, as that they presume will create shortage in generic medicines, shoot up prices and restrict research and development.

Teva’s Bid for Mylan may Face Antitrust Issues Owing to Drug overlaps

Teva PharmaceuticalaOn Tuesday, Teva, the biggest generic drug manufacturer in the world made a $40 billion offer to buy Mylan NV. The company was also quick enough to signal that it was prepared to sell several of its overlapping assets in order to win the approval of the regulators.

Teva’s Generic Drug gets FDA Approval

TevaAn oral chemotherapy pill has been approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is declared as the first generic version of Xeloda, and is used to treat colorectal and breast cancer.

Teva Pharmaceuticals has got the approval to manufacture this medicine having the strength of 150 and 500 milligram.