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T-Mobile opens pre-orders for LG’s latest flagship smartphone - G3

T-Mobile opens pre-orders for LG’s latest flagship smartphone - G3LG's latest flagship handset - the new LG G3 smartphone - is now available for pre-order in the US through T-Mobile.

LG announces new F70 mid-range LTE smartphone for beginners

LGDevice maker LG is making quite a few new handset announcements at the ongoing 2014 Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. On Monday, the company showed off the LG G Pro 2, the L90, the L70, and the L40 handsets; and also announced another new smartphone - the LG F70.

LG to Come up With Windows 8 Devices

LG to Come up With Windows 8 DevicesThere has been a lot of confusion about the usage of Windows 8 devices. Some of the experts have been finding the Windows 8 not user-friendly and others have completely a different opinion.

What may the case be, it seems that LG is pro-Windows 8 as it has decided to come up with Windows Phone 8 devices. It will be the first time that the Korean phone maker will be making Windows Phone 8 devices.

New LG Teaser for 55-Inch OLED TV

LGThere has recently been the launch of more teaser images of the new 55-inche screen OLED screen HDTV by LG. The newest model sure looks enigmatic with the unbelievably large size and clarity levels achieved.

It has an exclusive color refiner technology, with 4 color pixels. This new technology would be able to provide more appropriate colors on the screen and make it an even bigger treat for the eyes.

24 Refrigerator Models Called Off By LG Electronics

LGThere has been a voluntary recall of 24 refrigerator models by LG electronics in Australia. This has been given out in a report by the General Manager Sales, Michael Doyle.

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